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Monday, December 31, 2007









Atankvadi Transformer

There is a Transformer in Camac Street just opposite to Frankfinn Air Hostess Training Institute next to which many food stalls are set up for the office babus to have a cheap lunch in the costly Park Street-Camac Street area. This Transformer is crueler than the cruel terrorists in the cruelest part of the world. It is an Atankvadi Transformer.

In the month of August 2007, there was a huge explosion in this transformer and some chemical from it got scattered all around. There was a poor man just below it who was washing the plates that were used by the babus to have their lunch few hours back. This poor man’s whole body was burnt and he was taken to SSKM Hospital (PG Hospital) in a taxi by his fellow colleagues and the traffic sergeant who was patrolling in the area.

The explosion could have taken place about 3.00pm and from 12.30pm till 2.30pm when many people queue in this area to have lunch. This would have increased the number of casualties and many people would have injured.

It was the most dreadful sight I had ever seen in my life. From that day whenever I pass that transformer I get afraid that it might again burst. I simply run to save my life from another cruel incident. This transformer has created Atank in me.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My school days

This is what I had written in Anirudh Saria's in 2005.


I miss those classes from 8am to 2pm, tiffin breaks, exams, masti we all had, cricket matches, hand cricket, hand tennis, fests where all the boys knew which girls school is coming and which is not, self composed national anthems, bawaalis, free periods, classes of Mr.Raghunath, Mr.Sambhu Charan Dey, Mr.Kapadia, and so on, intra school competitions, passes for Bosco Beat, Bosco Raag, young moms (our boudis) of junior class kids, Mr.Vanjo and Mr. Crouch's Devdas style, Mr. Peter's puns, our unity during bad times(like the one when Father questioned us who banged the desk), "ohms" sessions by Kalyan, Tristan, Abhiroop, Shaon, etc, jharis at every girl outside the school, momo at Krishnaarpan, functions at our field, sports, panus (thanks to P-kaku), baba-baba cry, giving nicknames to all, "Its a game" boy-Sayan Banerjee, kaoramis, Mr. Ranjit Egg-roll sorry Edward Biswas and Mrs.Chitralekha Gupta(who said "Ai Kalyan tumi hashcho kano?"), Somak Sen's erotic incidents that he did at hi s home and there are many more to the list. But above all I miss you all guys who were all great friends in my school days. The url of my group is


1. That Chocolate Bomb Explosion that made every body proud to be a student of Batch 2000. And for that we did not get Farewell.

2. Once Mrs Mukherjee said to me "Vaijayanta what are you doing under the desk?" I said " Maam, my pen-is lost" and there was a huge laughter in the History class.

3. Once I got very poor marks in Chemistry exam and Mr.Dey asked all the boys who did badly to solve the question paper. As ever I did not solve it and when asked I said that " Sir, my question paper is lost." by making a sign which is usually made by the umpires in a cricket field to pass the judgement to the third umpire. Seeing this the whole class laughed away.

4. After all the boys were suspended I with Rajarshi Bhattacharya and Soumyadipta went to Shiraz and had Biriyani and Chiken Chaap.

5. Talent contests where I used emulated the voice of Kumar Sanu and bagged the 1st,2nd or 3rd prizes and a boy thought I got the prize because of my dads influence. Which was not true. I also used to sing in each and every class even when the teacher took classes. People listened to me even if they did not like it.

6. Every one asked me that as my daddy is teaching in the same school where I am studying, how could I manage it. They all stared at my beard thinking that I would one day look like daddy. There are many more.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Did you ever eat CHOEMEIN? Yes it is CHOEMEIN. Yes you have heard it right. It is CHOEMEIN. At least some people in the Nandan Cinema Hall Area speak so. There is a fast food centre just beside the western gate on the western part of the Nandan premises. This fast food centre has its Menu Board printed on its wall as shown below. Along with the other food offered there, the shop has Chow as its items. The prices of Chow written as: -


So we deduced that the people of this shop call the item called Chow or Chowmein (as many people of India call the food item) as CHOEMEIN.

Gaurav saw this before anyone else and he decided to play a prank with the person sitting on the counter. He went and said “Dada, 3 te CHOEMEIN deben”. The man was ignorant of the spelling of Chowmein written on the Menu Board, but he gazed at Gaurav thinking “Oh! Such an educated man and look how he pronounces Chowmein.” The man laughed in his mind hearing Gaurav say CHOEMEIN.

Hearing Gaurav asking for CHOEMEIN from the man, I had a great laugh in my mind. I wanted to burst out into laughter but somehow controlled myself. But as soon as I came out along with Gaurav to some distance, I did burst out into laughter.

It did not end there, when Gaurav went with the slip to the man serving the items, he again said “Dada, 3 te CHOEMEIN deben". Now I could not stop laughing. I laughed so much that people all around thought that I have gone crazy.

As we had Chowmein, sitting on the garden adjacent to the place, we kept on laughing and telling quite loudly (loud enough so that all the people in that garden area can hear us) among ourselves, that the CHOEMEIN was quite well prepared and we are going to have more CHOEMEIN here in future when we go there.

Hearing us call Chowmein as CHOEMEIN, the people all aroung us thought, “These guys are so big and yet they cannot pronounce the simple word Chowmein.” Had anyone challenged us, we would have shown them the Menu Board where the word CHOEMEIN was written in big letters. But no one challenged us and we were sad that we could not show others the Menu Board.

We were really in a jovial mood that day and a great laugh at the word CHOEMEIN.
I would request anyone & all who reads this post and if he/she lives in Kolkata, to visit the fast food centre in the Nandan area, at lease once and see the word CHOEMEIN through their own eyes. You will enjoy it a lot. Believe me.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


My friend Gaurav as Santa Claus on Christmas 2007.

Merry Christmas from Gaurav to All.
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vaijayanta-logy Part 3

Do you know why the names of the domestic help is kept like Sita, Durga, Parbati, Protima, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Ram, Krishna, Gopal, Arjun and so on?

The reason behind it is that these domestic help work in various households. Often they get bored with their monotonous jobs and they skip some jobs to rest themselves and thus when their masters / recruiters want to scold them right and left, they cannot do so because the names are same as the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Thus the masters hesitate to get angry on the domestic help as they have a feeling they are using harsh words on the names of their Gods and Goddesses.

This ultimately helps the domestic help by not getting scolded by their masters as the masters might feel guilty to scold them or use any abusive languages.

So next time when you see a domestic help dont ask her "Why has your parents kept your name at par with Gods / Goddesses?". If such a situation occurs, what you can do is remember this blog ( and this post of mine.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Data Binding - Bandhan

Data Binding is a common term for all the Microsoft Dot Net Professionals like me. So what would be the song that the professionals might be singing when they bind the data from the database to a GridView or DataGrid or to a Repeater?

The song would be: -

1) The song from the film Karan Arjun: - Yeh bandhan to pyar ka bandhan hai, janmo ka sangam hai ... ... ...
2) The song from the film Bandhan: - Tere naina mere naino ki kyu bhasha bole, bole, bole, Mujhe pyar hua jiya holey, holey, holey ... ... ...

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mixed Reaction from various people

Last night, through Orkut, I had scrapped all my friends through the new feature of orkut where once can scrap all friends at one go.

The scrap read like this: -

Hi friend,

Please send me a scrap and tell me,what would you rate me on 10 as ur friend. Feel free to give me your marks as I will not mind even if it is 0 on 10 and vice versa. My friendship towards you will remain the same. So please give me a rank on 10 as ur friend.



On receiving this scrap from me, there wre mixed reactions from different people.

I am going to write then down here with my reply to them after they scrapped me back.

Alok Beel:- dude ...where are u workin nowadays?
Me:- in a company cal DAL [:)]
Me in my mind:- dude, u never scrapped me for the last 3 years.......what was so special in my scrap that your heart cried to know about where I am working........ really strange...

Beno:- ok then .. 0/10
Me:- thanks dude........ [:)] ...... i liked it [:D]
Me in my mind:- that is like an honest reply from an honest friend.

Anujit:- dont send all these bakwaas scraps to the future pls be careful before sending such really pisses me off....god knows wht u r trying to prove by all ths nonsense and meaningless surveys...ths is my scrapbook so just keep off it if u dnt hv anythng meaningful to share.....thanks in advance...
Me:- beshi aantel hoye gele ei oboshthai hoi....... (i couldnt stop myself from scrapping this)
Me in my mind: - if u r so much interested in receiving sweet meaningful scraps then u should leave orkut and join some community of sadhus and sanths who would never let u judge themselves and impose their craps on u......when people are busy increasing their scraps.....this Mr. is intrested in receiving......meaningful scraps.....only he knows what he means.........he is trying to be too much "bhalo manush" as if he does not know what is happening all around him..........i really dislike such people ......who have split personality.......the place called orkut is not for people like u......go get some life dude.... [:D]

Amarjyoti:- Tui ei gandu'mi gulo bondho korbi ?
Me:- beshi aantel hoye gele ei oboshthai hoi....... (i couldnt stop myself from scrapping this)
Me in my mind:- tui bara tor ei udgandumitao bondho kor.

Diganta:- bondhura bondhui thake sara jibon... tader kono rating hoye na..
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- that s a good way of talking to a friend...

No one can find:- 6.5
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- thats quite decent way of scrapping...

swapna:- i think i dont know u as much enough to judge u with marks............sorry for this and thanks for wishing me
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- i undrstand issues... [:)]

Swarup:- 9.9999999 dilam..kichu ta no katlam as room 4 improvement.
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- ive never scored so much in my exams at school or college or university....

Some Memories:- 10'e tumi 7pabe.........
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- thats like a good girl.... [:D]

Tirthankar:- 5
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- a good amount from a new pal.....bhalo bhalo.....

debasish:- i will give u a 8 ,.. reason is ur simplicity and ur sheer honesty
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- he has always had the charm in speak about my good side....

Subhadip:- My rating will be bit different Buddy. Nature/ Attitude - 7/10. Looks - 5/10.
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- he is like a big bro ...... u were always different in every aspect.....dude....

Rashmi:- 7
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- im really honoured... [:D]

]\/[anas..:- Since we met in orkut ..... i never had a face to face conservation with I will rate you with 5 out of 10
Me:- good answer....... [:)]
Me in my mind:- if u had a face to face conversation, u would have given me.......9 out of 10......such is my charisma.... [:D]

I hope more are yet to come...

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am never going to watch any Karan Johar movie where there is Rani and Preity along with Shah Rukh Khan. Only SRK is okay and much better than those two male like heroines. Rather these two male like heroines should be called male actors for their better description.

I have taken this oath that I am not going to see any SRK - Karan Johar Movie where Rani and Preity together or alone will also be a part of the film. I am really fed up by the looks of these two male like heroines Rani and Preity.

The reason is whenever I see their ugly faces nothing happens to me that should happen when I see a girl. (Kuch Nehi Hota Hai) I would rather go to see Suniel Shetty as a heroine than those two male like heroines. I am really fed up with them.

They should immediatley stop working in films. (Bar Bar Alvida Zaroor Kehna) .Yuck they make me hate Hindi film. I believe they are both the worst thing to have ever happened to Hindi Cinema. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna is the worst film of SRK in his whole career. My friend and brother Gaurav also believes that.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TATA's 1 lakh car

This is an assumption of the TATA's 1 lakh car that is going to be manufactured at Singur, West Bengal, India which is going to flood the markets from 2009. It looks good and hope the service is also good. Other car companies will have a tough competition from this car.

I am eagerly waiting for the car and hope it comes to the market soon so that I can see them more on the roads.

It is clear that most of the Leftist People are going to buy this car but will the Trinamool Congress Supporters buy it? Only time can tell it. Who knows someday even our DIDI might buy it.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

4 Rules of Om Shanti Om

Friends go and watch the latest blockbuster and a very good movie to watch - OM SHANTI OM

4 rules of Om Shanti Om: -

Rule 1: Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to poori kaynath use tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hain.

Rule 2: Hamare filmon ki tarah hamari zindagi mein bhi end tak sab kuch theek hi ho jata hain aur agar theek na to, to woh The End nahin, Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost. (i saw the film 2wice on the theatre)

Rule 3: Har Aurat Ke Sir Ka Taaj Hota Hai, Ek Chutki Sindoor, Har Aurat Ko Suhagan Bana Deta Hain, Ek Chutki Sindoor, Iski Keemat Tum Kya Jaano Ramesh-Babu?

Rule 4: Yanna Raskala !!! Mind It !!!
Get the WALLPAPERS of Om Shanti Om from my other blog:- VAIJAYANTA10(VAIJAYANTA10)
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Vaijayanta goes to see Om Shanti Om

Till today I had seen Om Shanti Om twice. I liked the movie a lot. I am going to write a review of the movie soon. Now the question arises that when did I see Om Shanti Om.

The dates were: -

1) 10th November, 2007 - with my girlfriend at INOX, City Centre, DC BLock, Salt Lake City, Kolkata. (2nd day 2nd show)

2) 25th November, 2007 - with Gaurav at Jyoti Cinema

Planning to see the movie thrice and make a hatrick with my sis, mom and dad once the Exams of my sis gets over. Looking forwared to that day with great eagerness.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rebirth of a Great Man (2007) - Present meets Past

According to the title "Rebirth of a Great Man (2007) - Present meets Past" it seems: -
(from left to right: Charlie Chaplin (2007) with Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)

But actually: -
(from left to right: Kalyan Kumar Sen (my childhood school friend) & Charlie Chaplin(1889 - 1977)

Vaijayanta: I have never seen a better picture than this one, in recent times. A great work of art. Keep it up Kalyan. I am always there with you. All the Best for your future endeavours.

Chothas - (tere bina bhi kya jeena?)

Chothas is a very universal word for all the Engineering students of these days. Chothas are something, which every Engineering students feel proud of himself. Without chothas the Engineeing students cannot survive in this fierce competition. It is the source of their sustenance. Chothas mean a lot to them.

These students forget to sleep, eat or even study before Examinations as it becomes very important for them to formulate chothas to survive the Examination Blues. They even slash themselves off from all social activities to make chothas. There are some who even start making chothas from the beginning of the academic semester.

The funda is very simple. People who have chothas with themselves during examination, they really have no reason to fear the examination. They will pass the examination with flying colours.

What are chothas actually?

Chothas are actually a ready reckoner for students during the examinations, inside the exam hall. They are mostly made up of paper and vary from the least possible size to A4 size. Any size greater than A4 will be detrimental for the students and there will be enormous amount of chance to get caught by the supervisor of the examination. This might result in cancellation of all the 6 examination papers of that semester. At most getting caught with chothas in hand can get a student expelled from the institution in which he belongs. But that occurs once in a million.

What is its content?

Chothas usually contain topics (usually tough ones, that student find hard to remember) that are closely related to the subject of the examination. Most of the times they match the question paper, which is an effect of hard work by the chothas carrying students.

Who carries chothas?

Not everyone, but almost everyone. At least 90 % of the students carry them (which is a very high no) but only 30% (very low when compared to 90%) know how to use them effectively. Out of the chothas carrying students 80% are guys and 20% are gals.

What is an index chotha?

Index chotha is a chotha, which contains an index of all the topics and which topic is in which chotha and which chotha is in which pocket or which part of the body of the student appearing for the exam. If the index chotha gets lost or misplaced, there is a high chance of the student getting confused with the other chothas and in the process there is a high chance of his getting caught by the Examination Guards and Supervisor.

What is the moral of the chothas article here?

Use chothas effectively but with great care, as using chothas is very injurious to ones career prospects.

Monday, November 26, 2007

What is ICL or Indian Cricket League?

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) is a proposed private cricket league that will run parallel to the existing cricket league managed by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The format of ICL is currently Twenty20. Tau Devi Lal stadium in Panchkula, a place near Chandigarh will be hosting the ICL for season 2007. This stadium has 20,000 seating capacity and ICL is planning to lease this stadium for 10 years.


Zee Telefilms (part of Subhash Chandra promoted Essel Group) bid for the telecast rights of the biggest international cricket event - 2003 World Cup. Although the highest bid, it was unsuccessful. Subhash Chandra again bid for telecast rights again in 2004 and ended up in an inconclusive court battle. Last March, he bid again for the 2006-10 rights and once again lost. His response: the ICL. “They denied us the cricket content,” says Himanshu Mody, business head of ICL and Zee’s sports channels.

“So, we had to create our own content”. On Zee Telefilms announced that it would be partner with infrastructure major IL&FS to create a new ambitious cricket league, Indian Cricket League (ICL). This league will have a prize money of $ 1 million for the winner.
ICL was set up with a Rs. 100 crore (Rs. 1 billion) corpus, and would initially comprise six teams to be expanded to 16 in three years. This will make ICL the richest professional league in the country with an annual prize of $1 million (Rs. 4.4 crore). ICL has already signed a number of major players but is yet to reveal their names. On July 24th, some great international names cropped up such as Brian Lara. The ICL has confirmed that Brian Lara and Inzaman-Ul-Haq has signed up and will be joining the league. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board warned its players to stay away from the league. Imran Farhat though chose to opt out of his Pakistan Central contract to sign with the Indian Cricket League. Former captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team Javed Miandad said he is not able to understand why PCB is not allowing its players to play in the league and even threatened players with a lifetime ban.

League Structure

Each team will be coached by a former India player and will comprise four international, two Indian and eight budding domestic players. Essel Group is also planning to set up cricket academies all over the country. BCCI has been assured that it is free to draw from ICL's talent pool. The league will be functional by July-August 2007 and will start with Twenty20 format matches in November 2007.

Only professional, paid and accountable people have been hired to run the ICL. There will be no "honorary-positions" such as unpaid selectors. Former international cricketers including Kapil Dev, Tony Greig, Dean Jones and Kiran More have been hired as board members of the Indian Cricket League. The board positions will be paid positions.

2007 Session

The inaugural season for the Indian Cricket League was scheduled to begin in October 2007 but later shifted to 2nd week of November with six club teams.

Six teams of private clubs : -
1) Mumbai Champs - Sandip Patil (coach)
2) Chennai Super Stars - Madan Lal (coach)
3) Chandigarh Lions - Balwinder Sandhu (coach)
4) Hyderabad Heroes - Moin Khan (coach)
5) Kolkata Tigers - Darryl Cullinan
6) Delhi Jets - Michael Bevan

### Each team will have a paid mentor, media manager, psychologist, physiotherapist
### US$ 1 million for the winning club team
### Twenty20 format
### Ombudsman will look into grievances of players

Click here for more info.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gouri Sen - The Ultimate Bengali

Lagey Taka Debey Gouri Sen”, is a famous aphorism among we Bengalis. Gouri Sen is a disposition that has come down along with the day-to-day dealings of Bengalis. Gouri Sen might be some affluent personality, who is dead long time back, but he is immortal among those who speak the axiom “Lagey Taka Debey Gouri Sen”.

Gouri Sen’s soul finds its place inside every wealthy man/woman. Whenever an underprivileged man is in need of funds, he finds Gouri Sen inside the well-off man. The affluent man becomes Gouri Sen to him, it does not matter whether he ultimately gets the aid or not.

*** USA becomes Gouri Sen to countries like Pakistan, which suffers downfall of their economy every now and then.

*** The Centre (Delhi) becomes Gouri Sen to those states of India, which are struck with flood, famine, earthquake or any other catastrophe.

*** Charity Shows where Filmstars join their hands to donate funds for a social cause also identify Gouri Sen in their own might.

*** At the opening ceremony of Durga Puja, Political Leaders become instant Gouri Sen, who donate a piece of cloth/shawl to every beggar, who stand with their hands folded to receive it from their Gouri Sen.

*** Sometimes wealthy businessmen also become Gouri Sen to the poor family of their daughters’ lovers, when their reputation is at stake among their rich society.

*** Every parent identifies themselves with Gouri Sen when the demands of their kids reach ultimate heights.

So as I have said before, getting funds from Gouri Sen is the secret aspiration of every human being. On the other side of the coin, every human being would like to be a Gouri Sen and help the needy for self-satisfaction or social recognition.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sweden - A Tribute to the Great Land

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sverige), is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. It has been a member of the European Union since 1995. Its capital city is Stockholm.

At 449,964 km² (173,720 square miles), Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe and fifth in all of Europe. Sweden has a low population density except in its metropolitan areas; 84% of the population lives in urban areas, which take up only 1.3% of the total land area. The citizens enjoy a high standard of living and the country is generally perceived as modern and liberal, with an organizational and corporate culture that is non-hierarchical and collectivist compared to its Anglo-Saxon counterparts. Nature conservation, environmental protection and energy efficiency are generally prioritized in policy making and embraced by the general public in Sweden.

Sweden has a long tradition as a major exporter of iron, copper and timber. Improved transportation and communication allowed more remote natural assets to be utilized on a larger scale, most notably timber and iron ore. In the 1890s, universal schooling and industrialization enabled the country to develop a successful manufacturing industry and by the twentieth century, Sweden emerged as a welfare state, consistently achieving a high position among the top-ranking countries in the UN Human Development Index (HDI). Sweden has a rich supply of water power, but lacks significant oil and coal deposits.

Modern Sweden emerged out of the Kalmar Union formed in 1397 and by the unification of the country by King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century. In the 17th century Sweden expanded its territories to form the Swedish Empire. Most of these conquered territories had to be given up during the 18th century. In the early 19th century Finland and the remaining territories outside the Scandinavian Peninsula were lost. After its last war in 1814, Sweden entered into a personal union with Norway which lasted until 1905. Since 1814, Sweden has been at peace, adopting a non-aligned foreign policy in peacetime and neutrality in wartime.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vaijayanta-logy Part 2

1) The more you will try to pull somebody closer to you, the more she/he will get farther and farther away from you.

2) People of West are always more developed than people of East and in the same way people of South are more developed than the people of North. (This phrase applies for both India and any other place in the world)

3) This world is controlled by 3 Powerful Gods a) Bramha b) Vishnu c) Maheshwar. This is called the magical power of 3.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kolkata fuming with angry Mob

It has been very difficult for ambitious people to stay here in Kolkata. This is because of the several incidents occuring here for some time now. First of all the Nandigram issue made the opposition call for Bandhs, Achals, chakka jams and many such political steps by the opposition to show their no-confidence in the government. Ther has been several such Bandhs and Strikes in West Bengal. If such situation prevails, the existing multinational companies would run away form Kolkata and no new companies will ever come here to set up their base here. It is going to create problems for the future of Bengal.

An incident popularly known as the Rizwanur Case has kept the people living in this area stay at their toes. They fear anytime an angry mob would start breaking cars, buses, trams, and hitting people whoever they see before their eyes. Thus common man fears to travel through Park Circus. It has been difficult for the City Police to tackle angry mobs.

Several such cases are causing Bengal to die a premature death. I would recommend all Bengalis living outside Bengal not to return to Bengal anymore and I would like to tell them that they are much better off there in other states.

Just as I am writing this post, people are fighting in Park Circus(bridge no 4), AJC Bose Road, CIT Road, Moulali, Park Street, Ripon Street over Nandigram issue and Taslima issue with police smashing 150 cars in the area. Street fights have become common in Kolkata where people fight with the police like born fighters.

It is not known when the peace-loving Bengalis have started becoming violent to put forward their demands. Bengalis were always peace loving lazy people who kept away from violence. But not anymore.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet Project Manager

It happened such that in some Software Company (XYZ Pvt Ltd), the Director (Mr. XX) recruited his brother (Mr. AA) to be one of the Project Managers. The brother Mr AA before joining this company had a sweet shop (mishtir dokan / mithai ki dukaan) and he did not know anything related to software. His sweet shop was closed due to some unknown reasons. Still he was appointed the Manager due to brotherly compassion by the Director Mr. XX.

Mr. AA did not have any software exposure because he was managing his sweet shop. He could understand anything related to sweets and nothing else. Whatever he told his subordinates, he made them understand citing examples from sweets and sweet shops. His subordinates came to understand this and if they wanted to make him understand anything related to software, they had to do so again citing examples from sweets and sweet shops. Otherwise he could not understand the concepts. So by now you can understand what and how much Mr. AA might have understood when relation between software and sweet shop was drawn to make him understand some software concepts.

Once it happened that a new candidate was to be interviewed and Mr. AA was asked to take his interview. As always, Mr. AA asked the guy, everything about sweets and their composition and their demand in the market. He even asked the guy, which sweets he liked, which sweet shops in Kolkata he liked and why he liked them. Just imagine, it was a interview of a software engineer and the guy was asked about sweets. This guy was really amazed seeing a Project Manager asking him about sweets and sweet shops. He was already fuming in disghust.

After a tight session of interview related to sweets and sweet shops to a software engineer, Mr AA asked the guy now tell me, “In what manner did you do your job in your last company?” The guy said, “I used classes and objects to do my job so that the coding is carried out in object oriented approach”. Mr AA understood this sentence in his own way and he replied, “Look Mr, you will have to sit with all other employees to do your work, we cannot provide you any class (read as cubicles or cells) or things like that to do your job in this company”. Hearing this, the guy was really ashamed seeing the knowledge of the recruiter regarding software. He left the room at once disgusted and irritated.

My Sunsign Libra

Libra is my sunsign and it says that people like me: -

1. Loves to chat. (Yeah, I like to chat with people even while at office through gtalk, msn and yahoo messenger. I also love to chat with Bibhu, the xerox guy of our locality and the para friends like Sandip, Arjun and others)

2. Loves those who love them. (I have a good relation with all the people who love me, and even with those who hurt me like Gandhigiri)

3. Loves to takes things at the center. (That is why I have my blogs)

4. Inner and physical beauty. (I think I am Gandhiji from inside and SRK from outside, lol [:D])

5. Lies but doesn't pretend. (I lie a lot to my parents about my girlfriends)

6. Gets angry often. (I get angry with people who are hypocrites)

7. Treats friends importantly. (I think Gaurav, Kalyan, Rajarshi, Anirban, Sujoy, Sucharit, Amarjyoti and others are very important to me)

8. Brave and fearless. (I was never afraid to fight 7 goons in Rabindra Sarabar Lake)

9. Always making friends. (The range of friends vary from the man who serves tea at my office to the Director of the company)

10. Easily hurt but recovers easily. (I feel bad when someone shouts at me like Mamata Banerjee does to the CPIM cadres, but later think, this is not the end like the moral of Om Shanti Om)

11. Daydreamer. (Sometimes I dream, as if I am the king of the world.)

12. Does not care to control emotions. (I feel like saying what comes to my mind like Medha Patkar, without a 2nd thinking)

13. Unpredictable. (Just now I like something, just the next moment I hate it. )

14. Extremely smart, (I am extremely smart like SRK, koi shak?)

15. but definitely the hottest (I am hot like hot cakes being sold at Kookie Jar)

16. and Sexiest of them all. (I think myself to be more sexy when compared to Tom Cruise, Enrique Iglesius or Salman Khan)

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Faulty Tata Indicom Handset & Connection (Episode 0002)

I am really upset with the kind of treatment I had undergone by the Tata Indicom people and their people associated with them. I never expected such indifferent attitude towards a customer by Tata Indicom. I am really disappointed.

I will advise my family, my relatives, friends, friends of friends, their friends and their friends not to buy any Tata Indicom mobile set as they have really bad customer relationship. Their attitude towards their customers is not professional (very unprofessional). They do not know what is customer satisfaction. What they know is a big show off towards te ignorant people of India.

I am going to spread this news in orkut and other online communities and forums so that common people like me are not fooled again in the name of low-priced mobile connection and handset.

I am going to relate the whole story in my next post.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Palace of Raja Subodh Mullick

What an architectural beauty it is? It reminds me of Renaissance of Bengal. It reminds me of the affluent Bengali classes of British Raj, the Swadeshi Movement, the Revolt against British and the Highly Educated Bengalis of those times.

Everyday I see the pompous structure while going to office and coming back from office. Whenever I see it I feel like staring at it for long. It is like an old lady whose beauty at her young age, I can imagine by looking at her face. I get afraid, seeing the dilapidated state of the building. It reminds me of the old burnt building of Om Shanti Om where Shantipriya was burnt alive by Mukesh Mehra, but she could not be saved by Om Prakash Makhija, who also dies due to injuries.

It is the house of the Late Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick who is popularly known as Raja Subodh Mullick. After him there is a park just opposite to his house called Raja Subodh Mullick Square which was formerly known as Wellington Square.

Raja Subodh Mullick’s once palacial house, a three storied magnificient structure, situated in 12, Raja Subodh Mullick Square, Kolkata 700013, is under shambles, bearing the status of a disputed property. A tablet put up near the entrance by Calcutta University, which is in possession of the building, says that Sri Aurobindo usually resided in the building when he was in Calcutta, up to 1907, as a guest of Raja Subodh Mullick. The building, now bearing the look of a haunted house, is said to have boasted of intricately designed interiors and French paintings, among other expensive furniture.

This property which is said to have been donated by Nirad Basu Mullick provided his son Hamir did not have any children in his lifetime. Nirad Basu Mullick was Subodh Mullick’s brother and related to the Basu Mullicks of Pataldanga. Currently, Mishras, a tenant of the building stays there. A dispute over property is going on between Calcutta University and the Mishras over tenancy in the building. As things stand, nothing can be done till the court case is resolved.

The building is accessible from the back entrance and the front entrance is closed. In the same premises the servant quarters can be seen behind the original building. These quarters now accommodate class four staff of the university. KMC has put a notice board on the building saying “Shabdhaan Bipod-jonok Bari” declaring it as an insecure structure.

There lies a broken lift made of iron maybe by the British/French Technology, on the right hand side of the entrance, which The Raja might have used to climb the 2 floors. Apart from being in shambles, the building has its doors and windows of 2nd and 3rd floor open both day and night. It is not known when the last time these doors and windows were used by humans.

The windows have their glass panes broken. Thick roots of Banyan trees have grown on the walls all over the building making the building look haunted. These roots have reached the footpath adjacent to the building from the 2nd and 1st floors. The rooms of the building have not seen sunlight for centuries. It feels really sad to see such a grand building of The Great Freedom Fighter of India in shambles.

It is my earnest request to the Honourable Court to resolve the matter by handing over the heritage property to The University of Calcutta and converting the building to a museum that will uphold the long lost glory of Bengal during British Period and also getting a proper rehabilitation for the tenants. I am really eager to enter the heritage structure and view the interior designs, the French Paintings and expensive furnitures.

Raja Subodh Mullick

Heritage house entangled in legal web

Topview of the house of Raja Subodh Mullick

Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Faulty Tata Indicom Handset & Connection

Last Thursday that is on 1st November, 2007 I had taken 2 Tata Indicom Mobile connections one for my friend and another for me so that we can talk seamlessly at low rates. But I was really dissatisfied with the connection. Now I can understand that my Hutch or Vodafone connection is the best connection I ever had. Airtel Connection takes the second place followed by BSNL connection. I had used all these connection in some time of my life for certain purposes and that is a different story altogether.

The latest addition to my connection record is the Tata Indicom. I took the connection from a Tata Indicom franchisee shop at Surjya Sen Street in College Street - Amherst Street area and the name of the shop is Rupashree.

I took two 999/- connections. The handset they offered me is "Kyocera" which of inferior quality compared to any of the major handsets that are available today like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erricson.

Lets talk about the handset. The handset is itself of a very poor quality, which is not expected from a company like Tata.

1) It gets hot after talking for 5 minutes.

2) It has a poor battery backup. Its only about one week, and I need to charge the handset twice a day to talk freely. If I talk for one hour continuously, the battery shows no charge from full charge. This is ridiculous.

3) Suppose I switch off the phone and then I charge its battery, just when I switch off the power, the phone automatically turns ON. God know why. I find this very strange. No other set in the world behaves in such a queer manner.

4) Suppose I turn the "Lights Only" mode ON, then after sometime I find the phone ringing at the top of its volume. This is a threat to my individuality.

Talking about the connection I would like to say that the connection is of inferior quality. Most of the time the voice from the other side, breaks and we are bound to speak the same line twice, thrice or more than that. Sometimes we don't get proper connection and cannot reach the person on the other side when ever we like.

I want my Kyocera handset to get changed with a Samsung Set by the Tata Indicom people. For that I might visit the shop today or later or visit the Tata Indicom website and lodge my complaint. If they cannot change my handset then I'll have to write few more blogs about this and think what my next step will be.

Whatever it is I honestly want my handset to be changed. I have a great respect for the Tata and Tata Indicom being a part of Tata must look into customer satisfaction. If they satisfy me I'll surely write a satisfactory blog about them.

If any of the Tata Indicom people want to contact me, they can do so at my E-mail id: ,

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Vaijayanta-logy Part 1

1. Girls who are beautiful give birth to daughters.

2. Girls who are not beautiful give birth to sons.

3. A daughter is born when the couple gets too much pleasure during sexual intercourse.

4. A son is born when the couple do not get too much pleasure during sexual intercourse.

5. Every person needs a "Jaadu Ki Jhappi" at least once in a day to free himself/herself from all kinds of tensions and anxieties.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shudhu Tomari Jonya

Shudhu Tomari Jonya (Just For You)

Sohorer Ushnotomo Diney,
Booke Himer Hawa,
Hemontero Hath,
Dorjai Jaanalai,
Obiroto Premer Aghath,
Ami Eshechi, Ami,
Shudhu Tomari Jonya,
Shudhu Tomari Jonya.

Shopno Shopno,
Chera Chera Megh,
Tomar Chokher Tarari,
Choriye Debo,
Prem Boli Amaar Prem,
Shudhu Tomari Jonya,
Shudhu Tomari Jonya.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mosquito & Hijra - close relation

As Nana Patekar has angrily mentioned in one of his hit films, "Ek machchad ek aadmi ko hijra bana deta hai", remains of the the most famous lines of the the Bollywood Film Industry.

You can hear people uttering these famous lines whenever they try to kill a mosquito successfully or unsuccessfully with their own hands. These lines have gone into the pages of history as one of the most famous lines of recent times.

More famous lines are yet to arrive in my posts.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Have a look at the birthday of these two celebrities: -

10th October - Rekha's Birthday
11th October - Amitabh Bachchan's Birthday

and now look at the birthay's of these 2 celebrities: -

1st November - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Birthday
2nd November - Shah Rukh Khan's Birthday

Can you make out the similarities between the two groups of birthdays?

1) Both Rekha & Amitabh and Aishwarya & SRK are superstars.

2) Rekha and Amitabh had been co-actors in many of their films and so do Aishwarya and SRK.

3) Rekha was in love with Amitabh in some point of their life, so was Aishwarya with SRK and many people doesn't know it. Just the way Amitabh fell for Jaya and disregarded the love of Rekha, similarly SRK being a wise man also did not give heed to Aishwarya's naughty advances which Abhishek / Amitabh did later.

4) Rekha's Birthday comes one day before Amitabh's and Aishwarya's Birthday comes one day before SRK.

What a great coincidence !!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


The latest song of the great SRK and the sweetest lady according to me after Gayatri Joshi, that is Deepika Padukone :-

Deepika is my latest crush. I like this Video a loooooottttttttt.

To download mp3 songs of the film:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chak De India

After watching Chak De India, I was really overwhelmed. It is a motivating film, which very few Hindi Films are. It also has a sense of patriotism towards our mother land, India.

SRK was at his best. All the other 16 girls were also terrific. They really capture the hearts of millions.

At the end of the day I felt that it is a good film to see an each an every Indian must fo an watch it. So go and watch it, it you still haven't.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Munna-bhai meets Mahatma Gandhi

On the film, Lage Raho Munnabhai, the Gandhigiri wala Munnabhai had a chemical locha and met Gandhiji in his sub conscious mind. This time he is sure to meet Gandhiji in the Yerwada correction house at Pune because after seeing Gandhigiri spread again like virus among the Indians and also people from outside India, only because of the constant efforts of Sanju-baba, Gandhiji thought he would come an thank Sanjay Dutt.

Which place could it be better for them to meet, other than this correction house, as this is the place where Gandhiji had stayed for quite an alarming amount of his freedom struggle. Even Sanjay Dutt is going to stay here for the next six years.

There is one problem for his fans, they wont be able to see the next Munnabhai series for the next six years. I have a solution for this. The authorities can allow the film unit to go to the jail and make a new film of Munnabhai called "Munnbhai gaye jail mein". In this film the plot will be in the correction house. Im sure it will also be a great success like the previous two films.

In the film the director can make Gandhiji meet Munnbhai for real. It would be a gr8 success.

Flying CATS

On Thursday, the 2nd August, after lunch I was standing on the footpath on the opposite of Music World, near Sourav's at Park Street. There were two guys and a gal (all young, from some city college) doing some part time marketing job for the new Air Hostess Training Institute called Flying Cats. They were standing with a bunch of forms in their hands and pakrao-ing (getting hold of) guys an gals they think fit to get admission in Flying Cats for the training job.

I waited there to have a glimpse of all the things happening there and expected the girl to come near me and offer me to fill the application form. But I waited there for about half an hour. But the girl stared at me all the time but did not have any idea of approaching me with the form. I expected the girl to approach me. She might have thought that I am as bad as Gulshan Grover and would kidnap her and carry her of to my den.

Later I saw this girl approaching 5-6 office guys to fill up the application form. She might have thought these guys more dependable to approach and get the forms filled. Theys guys were like Shah Rukhs, Salmans and Hrithiks to this girl.

I had a good laugh in my mind to see the foolishness of this young girl. She should have approached me. I'm after all not that bad and ugly like Amjad Khan of Sholay.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


A great offer for Harry Potter Fans at

Get a 20% discount on Harry Potter - The Final Chapter
which is to be released on 21st July, 2007.

You can collect the copy on 21st July itself from
our college street showroom between 6am to 8pm on registration.

The discount is only for those who register their copy online.

Customers outside Kolkata can register too and will be sent a
Proforma Invoice on registration with the terms and conditions.

The last date of registration is 14th July, 2007.

KOLKATA - 700007
PHONE : +91 33 2257 1440

Monday, June 11, 2007

Aniee - my latest crush

Yes, this young lady is a terrific singer. She sings flawlessly with the most most under-matured voice, which is really very sexy to hear. Hear it yourself and tell me whether I am correct or not. She is a young Pakistani singer currently rocking the world.

I also love her Jhatkas and Matkas. She is being compared to Shakira. I would like to say that she is much sweeter than Shakira. She is Annie.

See the video yourself and tell me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When should I study?

What a noise pollution it was this time, during my MBA Examination in the month of May, 2007, around my house? I was not at all surprised by the amount of commotion that occured here as it is a common phenomenon in this part of the world. The probability of occurence varies each day. But the worst part is, the probability of occurence was 1 (at its peak) each day out of the all 13 days before my Exam.

1) A baby took birth about a year ago in the house that is just behind my room and my room faces their room. Suddenly this time, during my Exams, the voice of the baby became louder and louder and he started shouting at the top of his voice everyday, just like the way Sanjeev Kumar had shouted when Amjad Khan chooped of his both hands in Sholay.

2) Ours is a very religious para (locality) and the month of May is the festive season in our para. Two major Pujas (Jagathdhatri and Annapurna) are held. Dhaks and dhols are a must in these pujas. During my Exams this time, they were again played loudly like all other years. These Pujas are very nice and a wonderful event to participate in, but the sound of dhaks cannot be tolerated during Exams.

3) With full respect for the Rabinrasangeet lovers (even though I am one of them), on 9th May, 2007 on the birthday of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore, a major function was held in our locality and all famous Rabindrasangeet Artistes came here to render these beautiful songs, through their experienced voice. But I had Exam during that time, so although I missed the event but had quite an amount of concentration lapse as I could hear all these songs from my room.

4) Jatra (Plays/Dramas) is a common feature in our area during the month of May every year. As usual a Jatra event was held with males playing the roles of females by wearing female dresses. It is something very funny and at every instant some drums and a disc is played after each dialogue. I continues from 7pm till 3am the next day. It strongly affected my studies.

5) Crows at our locality are very fond of me. They like to caw on me. Whenever they see me, they start cawing. This increases more during my Exams. During my Exams even if by chance the crows of my area, see me through a pin hole, they start cawing at me like as if they had just learnt to caw and they had never seen me before. They caw at the top of their voice. I get irritated and disturbed at this, but there is no other way out for me.

6) There is a dida (a granny type lady) on the next house, and she is very lean and weak but I dont know how, her voice like the crows and the baby, becomes louder and louder and she screams at her domestic help everytime in the morning of my Exams.

7) In our neighour, stays two brothers (Anondo and Niranondo, their code names given by me) who have divided their fathers house in to two and living with their families. Previously these two families used to shout at each other, using slangs. There was a ceasefire for about 5 years but suddenly this year, from nowhere during my exams the wives of these two brothers and the children started using slangs at the top of their voice ( I dont know the reason) , but they were so horrible in their languages, that I felt like strangling them to death. Even the people on the road do not use so much harsh phrases. I was really out of my brains.

8) The people in the house just behind ours had always linked their party time with my Exams all throughout my life. They used to have parties during my exams while at school, college and even now they are having Marriage Parties, Birthday Parties during my exams. They play loudspeakers with the most recent numbers. This time they had Annaprashan Ceremony of their less than 1 year old baby, just before my exams. This time thay played Himesh Reshamiya numbers. I felt very irritated.

9) There is another character called Pakhi-aunty (a lady of about 28, has many birds and cats as pets, who looks like Pakhi (acutally Rakhi) Sawant) who plays with the cats on her roof which is at a very close proximity from my study. This lady starts caressing her cats as loudly as she can so that the whole locality knows that she has cats. I feel like tying chocolate bombs on the tails of these cats along with their mistress so that they do not do so, while others Exams are going on.

10) There are 5 - 6 cats who start crying at the top of their shrill voices, at the backyard of Pakhi-aunty and they do so the whole night. It was again very intense during my Exams this year.

Sometimes I think, that how much tolerant I am that I keep on tolerating these nuisances around my house. I do not utter a word. I dont know what kind of enemity they have with my and my Exams that they always create loud noises some way or other during these crucial period. So tell me, my dear readers, when should I study?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tongue tied

People carry out many jobs by the help of their tongues. Kissing is one of the prime functions in which we involve our tongue.

I have seen people using thier tongue much more that it is required while talking. Yeah, I've noticed that there are people whose tongue come out of their lips while speaking.

One of them is Kangana Ranaut, the skinny beauty ruling the Bollywood with films like, Gangster and Woh Lamhe.

Another is the famous Chef and TV Anchor of recipe shows, Sanjeev Kapoor.

Third is a man who is welknown in our area. His name is Shondev-da. He too speaks like that.

The fourth person who speaks or rather sings like that is our dear singer from Kolkata, who is known as Rupankar. He too takes out his tongue whenever he says the letter "S" and many such letters while speaking/singing.

There are several others. I will add them to the list once I remember them. [:)]

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Alphabets & Numbers

We know that the alphabets A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z are arranged as it is shown here. Can anyone tell me why they are not arranged the other way i.e. from Z to A? Why are they not arranged in any other manner other than these?

Also why is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 arranged in this manner an not in any other way?

Any guess?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chitragupta Vaijayanta

I hope my MBA friends at IISWBM are having a gala time with the Class Notes that I have prepared for them (like Chitragupta) in the last few months. Hope they are all liked the font, size, presentation, material and my attitude.

I wish all of them "ALL THE BEST FOR MBA EXAMS".

All your comments are warmly welcome.

Keep in touch, stay well and take care,


NOTE: - If any one of you need it go to the yahoo group below: -

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rani and Preity - isssshhhhhhhhhhh

I simply don't understand how can Shah Rukh tolerate Rani Mukerji (where has the 'h' gone in between 'k' and 'e' in her name?) and Preity (what is wrong with Preety) Zinta. They two look like another male actor along with Shah Rukh. Rani Mukerji looks like the next door doodhwala (yes it is doodhwala and not doodhwali) and Preity looks like another clean shaven guy in the nearby locality who resembles a fair girl.

In my opinion Rani and Preity has no better screen presence than Suniel Shetty when it comes to impressing the audiences. Suniel Shetty would make a better heroine if made to be one. A heroine should have some sex-appeal which they have none. Their over exposed faces repels audiences instead of attracting them. They should be moms of young heroine or rather step down from their job if they have nothing great to offer other than those monotonous roles with SRK. They really suck. Watch KANK if you don't believe me.

Whenever I hear SRK making his next film with either Rani or Preity, I feel like banging my head on the floor till the memories of the two male-ish heroines disappear from my mind. God knows what ShahRukh finds in those two ladies and what made him invite them to KBC. Kajol was far better than these two in every aspect.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


This year's Book Fair was not looking like one. It seemed like a normal fair that was unable to draw people to it. I had the opportunity to visit Book Fair 2007 with Gaurav and stayed there from 2.00pm till 9.00pm on Sunday the 18th of Feb, 2007.

The poor infrastructure at Salt Lake Stadium made the fair look lean. Maidan, where the book fair is held every year has its own charm. No other fair grounds can ever have the same charm or copy the charm from maidan. People travel by Metro Rail to visit the book fair at maidan each year which was something people missed a lot this year.

Even the collection of books were less compared to the previous years. Leading publishers were also not seen this year.

Firstly, a fishy stinking smell was coming out from the mud and the sand that was laid before the stalls. The lanes between the stalls were narrow, that made it difficult for the crowd to pass during peak hours. Only one good thing was that there was no puddles here and there that is a common site in Maidan.

Another thing that draws praise is the paper-pickers who picked the papers lying here and ther on the ground. The collected the papers to keep the place clean. They were sponsored by a leading FM Station. (I don't remember the name) . Those paper-pickers did a great job.

The toilet facilities were good for the males, but I saw a great queue in front of the female toilet. Only the authorities knows the actual reason.

The price of food items touched the sky. Cost of any food items was charged twice their normal price. This is a common phenomenon seen in Kolkata nowadays. The food items have become really costly. It is really difficult for the middle class people to afford them. The quality was also lacking.

There were only about 900 book stalls but most of the book stalls were extended around the stadium making most of the people unaware of the stalls there. So many remained aloof of the stalls around the stadium. All the people concentrated on the stalls that were erected behind the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

There was a grass field where couples and lovers haad the good opportunity to sit together and chat their heart out. This grass field was behind the stadium and was secluded from the main fair which made the couples have a good time.

While returning there were absolutely no transport facilities by the transport department and most of the people has to return to the next more (crossing) by walking and catch a bus or a cab from there. As for our case, we had to walk till Beliaghata CIT More to catch an auto to Sealdah. Others had to walk till Phoolbagan or Ultadanga or Chingrighata to catch a bus or auto to their home. The inadequate transport facilities disappointed the enthusiastic crowd.

Next day, I saw on the newspaper that there were about 90,000 footfalls at the book fair on Sunday the 18th of Feb, 2007., which was about 1/9th compared to the normal footfall at the Maidan. Hats off to Rani Rashmoni for gifting the people of Kolkata the Maidan which is both culturally rich and filled with heritage.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Boys can be classified into 3 types, when their Love towards a girl in taken into account.

They are: -

B1) Who has never Loved a girl in his life.
B2) Who had Loved a girl but somehow it got terminated.
B3) Who had Loved a girl and later married that girl.

While writing the above 3 types of boys, I haven't drawn lines to whether it was fortunate or unfortunate for a boy to have been classified among the above 3 categories.

It is just my way of thinking.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pain-y Rain at Eden Gardens

I came to know that I will be a part of the washed away match just the night before India took Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens Stadium, Kolkata on 8th February, 2007. My daddy offered me two tickets and asked me to take my friend Gaurav to see the match. My sixth sense said the night before that the match will be washed away by rain the next day and so it did.

So before going to the match, I wrote a short message in my orkut about me area. I wrote, "Today all eyes are on Eden Gardens, Kolkata. I will be there with Gaurav. Hope you all see me on television supporting India and DADA. Whenever the camera focuses towards the crowd, search for me." I had even sms-ed my special friends to see me on television cheering for India and DADA.

Frankly speaking I went there to see DADA (Sourav Ganguly) score his first century at Eden Gardens. I personally have no faith for Greg Chappell and Rahul Dravid and have no interest in seeing a cricket match which has these two so called great people. But the Weather Gods had a different story to tell.

I was there by 1.30pm and sat on the gallery when the giant screen read "WELCOME TO EDEN GARDENS". All the players were practicing before the match. I saw almost all the Indian players and some of the Sri Lankan players whom I could identify.

The match started, and all were enjoying the match. Suddenly after the 18.3 overs when Sri Lanka was 102 for 3 wickets, it began to rain and it continued for 1 hour and a half. The field was turned into a big swimming pool. Some of the people left the stadium but most of the people stayed back till the last decision of the authorities was declared. Few minutes before the rain our Honourable Chief Minister, Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee arrived and he was warmly welcomed on the giant screen.

It took the field workers 3 to 4 hours to dry the field, using only one super sopper machine and a dozed sponges, but unfortunately the match was called off disappointing the 1 lakh cricket lovers present there.

It was a shame that the authorities kept us waiting till 8.30pm by writing a message on the giant screen saying "Match suspended due to rain" and "Next inspection at 8.30pm". The enthusiastic spectators (aroung 70,000 people) remained there till 8.30pm when the last message came that "Match called off".

Seeing this the crown got furious and started booing Prasun Mukherjee (the new CAB President and Police Commissioner, Kolkata) and his team for inadequate match infrastructure and for keeping them waiting till 8.30pm from 4.00pm. The match started at 2.30pm. Some said that the wait was deliberately done so that people do not charge their money back from the CAB.

There were boos for Rahul Dravid too, for not letting India bat after winning the toss. Else, the people could have watched DADA score at least a half century.

Even the prices of food was comparable to the best restaurants and the quality and quantity was comparable to the food in a famine struck state. Packets of chips were 40 rupees, egg roll was around 26 rupees, which made the middle class people raise their eye-brows. Tea was served 15 rupees per cup.

I saw a man getting angry with the authorities for serving water pouch packs that were made in Orissa. He wanted to say that, "Was the condition of the people of Bengal so poor that they have to import water from Orissa?"People had to spend 15 rupees for a single pouch of water.

Our gallery had shade over us, but the rain was so intense and the shade was too weak to hold the rain that poured making all the people present there get wet in no time.

I personally felt that if China could build big indoor stadiums for their 2010 Olympics, then why can't India do the same for our cricket loving people at Eden and elsewhere in India? At present BCCI and CAB should gift the people of Kolkata by upgrading Eden Gardens to an Indoor Stadium.

My 10th sense tells me that it will take over 2 decades to understand the need and implement them, by the authorities. By then it would be too late for people of my age to watch a cricket match as live at Eden Gardens, may be.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

DOGLABAAJ - a new word in the dictionary

It was on the eve of Saraswati Puja, Gaurav and I were roaming around in Sashi Bhushan Dey Street paying homages to the live protimas. Gaurav is my childhood friend from school days. Some of you might know him. He is a very good guy with lots of sense of humour. He can make you laugh all the time with even the most serious issues.

Coming back to Saraswati Puja Eve, as we were roaming there, suddenly an aunty named Patra-kakima from our locality, who loves animals, treats them and takes care of the street dogs, suddenly emerged from somewhere and saw Gaurav caressing one of such street dogs. She likes people who loves dogs and also other animals.

When she saw Gaurav caressing the dog, she at once ran towards Gaurav and asked him, "Tumi ki Dog-Lover?" means "Are you a Dog-Lover?". I was a bit far away from them and mis-heard or rather over heard the word DOGLOVER as DOGLABAAJ. This is how, a new word evolved from no where. The word is DOGLABAAJ.

Later Gaurav and I had a good laugh at it. Nowadays, when I see Gaurav caressing dogs, I call him DOGLABAAJ. He merrily accepts my nomenclature to him and smiles away.

So from now on, I am going to call all DOG-LOVERS as DOGLABAAJ.

Google - DADA

Google Dada