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Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Faulty Tata Indicom Handset & Connection

Last Thursday that is on 1st November, 2007 I had taken 2 Tata Indicom Mobile connections one for my friend and another for me so that we can talk seamlessly at low rates. But I was really dissatisfied with the connection. Now I can understand that my Hutch or Vodafone connection is the best connection I ever had. Airtel Connection takes the second place followed by BSNL connection. I had used all these connection in some time of my life for certain purposes and that is a different story altogether.

The latest addition to my connection record is the Tata Indicom. I took the connection from a Tata Indicom franchisee shop at Surjya Sen Street in College Street - Amherst Street area and the name of the shop is Rupashree.

I took two 999/- connections. The handset they offered me is "Kyocera" which of inferior quality compared to any of the major handsets that are available today like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erricson.

Lets talk about the handset. The handset is itself of a very poor quality, which is not expected from a company like Tata.

1) It gets hot after talking for 5 minutes.

2) It has a poor battery backup. Its only about one week, and I need to charge the handset twice a day to talk freely. If I talk for one hour continuously, the battery shows no charge from full charge. This is ridiculous.

3) Suppose I switch off the phone and then I charge its battery, just when I switch off the power, the phone automatically turns ON. God know why. I find this very strange. No other set in the world behaves in such a queer manner.

4) Suppose I turn the "Lights Only" mode ON, then after sometime I find the phone ringing at the top of its volume. This is a threat to my individuality.

Talking about the connection I would like to say that the connection is of inferior quality. Most of the time the voice from the other side, breaks and we are bound to speak the same line twice, thrice or more than that. Sometimes we don't get proper connection and cannot reach the person on the other side when ever we like.

I want my Kyocera handset to get changed with a Samsung Set by the Tata Indicom people. For that I might visit the shop today or later or visit the Tata Indicom website and lodge my complaint. If they cannot change my handset then I'll have to write few more blogs about this and think what my next step will be.

Whatever it is I honestly want my handset to be changed. I have a great respect for the Tata and Tata Indicom being a part of Tata must look into customer satisfaction. If they satisfy me I'll surely write a satisfactory blog about them.

If any of the Tata Indicom people want to contact me, they can do so at my E-mail id: ,

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