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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gouri Sen - The Ultimate Bengali

Lagey Taka Debey Gouri Sen”, is a famous aphorism among we Bengalis. Gouri Sen is a disposition that has come down along with the day-to-day dealings of Bengalis. Gouri Sen might be some affluent personality, who is dead long time back, but he is immortal among those who speak the axiom “Lagey Taka Debey Gouri Sen”.

Gouri Sen’s soul finds its place inside every wealthy man/woman. Whenever an underprivileged man is in need of funds, he finds Gouri Sen inside the well-off man. The affluent man becomes Gouri Sen to him, it does not matter whether he ultimately gets the aid or not.

*** USA becomes Gouri Sen to countries like Pakistan, which suffers downfall of their economy every now and then.

*** The Centre (Delhi) becomes Gouri Sen to those states of India, which are struck with flood, famine, earthquake or any other catastrophe.

*** Charity Shows where Filmstars join their hands to donate funds for a social cause also identify Gouri Sen in their own might.

*** At the opening ceremony of Durga Puja, Political Leaders become instant Gouri Sen, who donate a piece of cloth/shawl to every beggar, who stand with their hands folded to receive it from their Gouri Sen.

*** Sometimes wealthy businessmen also become Gouri Sen to the poor family of their daughters’ lovers, when their reputation is at stake among their rich society.

*** Every parent identifies themselves with Gouri Sen when the demands of their kids reach ultimate heights.

So as I have said before, getting funds from Gouri Sen is the secret aspiration of every human being. On the other side of the coin, every human being would like to be a Gouri Sen and help the needy for self-satisfaction or social recognition.

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