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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Diwali & Happy Kali Puja 2008



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Mountan View California USA

What a beautiful place it is? It is like a town of dreams. It is Mountain View, California. Trees all over on the sides of the roads. Clean well-planned roads. Nice furnished buildings. One of such complex is "Googleplex", Google's Corporate Headquarters

I simply love this place. I have never been there in my life but I wish to visit there someday and work for Google. That is my wish. The place is like heaven. The small cottage type houses are a great attaraction there. Peace prevails there. I am sure anyone who sees this place would definitely fall in love with this place and would like to come here often. 

I find no words to describe the beauty of Mountain View, California. I assume the people there are also friendly and nice just like the place. I really long to visit this place and be there for some years of my life before returning to my country India.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

5 Do's and 5 Dont's for A First Date (Dating)

Dating or Date is nothing new. Everyone in his / her lifetime has dated from one to many times. You simply need to follow these 5 + 5 = 10 points.

5 Do's for a Date

  • Do smile together.
  • Do talk with each other.
  • Do have a drink & some food.
  • Do speak softly.
  • Do show that you care.


5 Don’ts for a Date 

  • Don’t make the other feel bored.
  • Don’t eat/drink too much.
  • Don’t keep quite.
  • Don’t boast about yourself.
  • Don’t panic and be confident of yourself.

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Monday, October 20, 2008





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Sunday, October 19, 2008


It is because of these Shyma-Pokas we have to stay indoors after Durga Puja till and after Kali Puja. Those small queer insects slong with moths bite us everywhere during the night. Thus they cause irritation to our skin. In the daytime they are not seen anywhere but during the night they enter our homes, sits on lights, televisions and computer screens and make our life hell by stitting on our skin and biting us with a pin pricking sensation. These insects are called Shyama-Poka in Bengali. Shyama is the other name of Maa Kali and Poka are insects. It means those insects that can be seen just before Kali Puja. Hence the name. 

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Harrassment by a Shuttle Maruti Van No WB02 - 3151

The driver of a Grey/Ash colour, old, 8 seater Maruti Van (number WB02 - 3151) plying between Exide Stoppage and Karunamoyi in Salt Lake is harassing people. He charges rates double rates during office hours and the people during office hours finding no other solution takes his shuttle and falls his victim. If the charge between Exide and Salt Lake is Rupees 15, he charges Rupees 30 after reaching the destination. The diver is a healthy non guy with a moustache demands that he will start doing "bawal" on the passengers if he is not paid the money he demands.

Initially he agrees with the existing amount with the passengers. After reaching the destination, he demands that he should be paid double the amount at any cost, otherwise he will use his sources to create tension among the passengers and would use unfair means to get double the actual amount.

This is what had happened with me today. Today 18th October, 2008 at 5.45pm I asked this driver waiting at Exide crossing near Haldirams to take me and my gf to Darga Road crossing. I asked him what would he charge for it. He said he would charge Rs. 5 (five) each, so we got into the car and sat on the empty seat. Next people came and sat on the 8 seater Maruti Van. As it got filled, the driver took the car and as Darga Road crossing came, he stopped the car about half a kilometer away from the crossing (shows he had evil intentions) and demanded that I give him Rupees 10 each instead of Rupees 5, otherwise he will not let me and my gf go from there. It was 6.10pm then. Thus he came out of the car and started using slang languages in broken Bengali (he is a non-Bengali as it seemed by his language). I said that I cannot give him more than Rupees 10 for both as he had told me to give Rupees 5 each and we are 2 people so he should take Rupees Rupees 10 from me. But he kept quiet about the matter that he had told me that he would take Rupees 5 each. 

I told him that I would like to go to a Traffic Sergeant and settle the matter. So I took him to the Sergent waiting at the Darga Road & Park Circus Connector Crossing near Bridge no 4. I related about the whole incident to the Sergeant. The Sergent was indifferent. He was not interested on the matter and told me that I should not give more than Rupees 5 each to the driver and he left to do his job. In the meantime when I was approaching the Sergeant alone he told my gf that she should pay him the money he demands else he should not let her come to me and said he would use more slang language on me. 

Later I saw that I was getting late for my next job and my gf was also tired and was on the verge of weeping. So I let the man go off with Rupees 20 and took his car number, so that I can write this blog and make this post an eye opener about this driver and other drivers who charge more than the actual amount and that too maliciously. (Initially drawing the passenger by telling him about the actual fare and demanding double the fare when the destination is about to be reached). Later when I let the driver go away, the traffic Sergeant came to me and told me why did I give the money to the driver. This showed that how the traffic Sergeant was afraid of that driver and did not help a person in danger along with his companion, instead the Sergeant in fear let the driver go away. This is the condition of Kolkata today. Hope someone listens. Will I not get a proper justice for this? How long will this continue?

I would like to bring this post to the notice of some people: -

1) The Kolkata Police (who are afraid of the main culprits)
2) The Government of West Bengal (who are indifferent)
3) The Transport Department of West Bengal for allowing such morons to do business with old cars.
4) The Unions of Shuttle Cars to let such illegal cars ply the city and demand high transportation charges by such moron drivers.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 October Cool Sites from Vaijayanta - Site-o-logy




Converts any image to text image.

Check them out. :)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vote for Parbanee : For Cutest Baby Contest

Please Vote for Parbanee For Cutest Baby Contest: Candidate No 5 through the link below. Parbanee is my friends baby daughter.

Vote using youe e-mail id. No need to give your password. Just create an account and vote for Parbanee at no 5. 

For registration visit this link: 

Please vote for her. She desperately needs this vote from you all. Even one vote counts. You can use all your mail ids. Even anonymous mail ids would do.



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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to Vaijayanta

Today I am the Birthday Boy. It is my Birthday today. I am Happy as well as Sad today. 

I am Happy because it is my Birthday today. I was born today 27 years ago at Central Calcutta Nursing Home in Ganesh Chandra Avenue at 10.40 am and my parents became proud of me on that day. That was the first and last time they became proud of me.

I am Sad because I am 27 years old (almost close to 30 years) which signifies that I am slowly and steadily loosing my youth and becoming an aged man (Buro hoye gelam boss [ :( ] ). It makes me sad. Another aspect which makes me sad is that in thes 27 years I could not make my parents proud of me. I did by schooling from DBPC, Engineering from IEM and MBA from IISWBM but could not secure a good job or earn much like my fellow friends who are treading the globe. It makes me feel unhappy. 

It seems that I am more unhappy than happy today. I could not achieve in life what I should have achieved in these 27 years of my life. No bank balance. No secure job. No job satisfaction. No good managerial job even after pursuing MBA. My parents even family, all are unhappy with me and my achievements. I should have achieved a lot and made them happy. But somehow I could not. My laziness made me what I am today. No growth. No prospect.

But the hope is always there. I hope to overcome my laziness someday. It makes me go on in this cruel, competitive world. A Sad Happy Birthday to Me.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Real or Virtual ?

We have often seen people telling us that the drawing is like a real photo (puro jeno camera-e tola). We also have seen people telling us that the photo is so well taken that it looks likes a hand made drawing. (puro jeno hathe anka chobi).

Thes two statements are very common and often heard in our households. Doesn't it seem that such people are really confused about what they are saying. They themselves contradict themselves and do not know what to say on seeing such a nice drawing or a photo. Actually the drawing or the photo is so well made that people get confused and often keep comparing them with one another. It is really an ironical statement that compliments one another. 

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Villain Rain during Durga Puja

Every year in Kolkata and adjoining areas, rain acts as a villain and hampers the enjoyment of the Durga Puja. In the 4 days of the Puja, rain is bound to wash away the enjoyment of people by wetting the streets and the parks where Durga Puja is celebrated, thus raising the temperatue and making the atmosphere hot and humid. The parks where people gather to celebrate the Puja becomes muddy thus makng the new clothes of the worshippers muddy and sandy. Every year this is a major problem for the people who visits pandals to pandals to see the decoration and the Mother Goddess Durga.

To avoid such a phenomenon from taking place the philopsophers who proposes or calculates the date of the Puja must come with a solution to tackle the ever rising problem. They should postpone the Pujas to the beginning of December or any time in the month of December instead of October. Thus the advantage is cold climate that would add the beauty of the Puja as more people could walk from Pujas to Pujas to see the Mother Goddess Durga. Also there would be no rain so no hot and humid climate. Thus the new clothes can be safuguarded form mud and worn at will. More and more new dresses could be worn at that time. Also the fashion statement would be more prevalent in such a situation.

So keeping in mind the benefit of the people we should take measures to postpone the Durga Puja to December. This is a proposal from my end to all. What do you all say?

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