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Friday, July 06, 2012

How to tackle criminal activities in Salt Lake City Kolkata?

To solve the criminal activities in Salt Lake City Kolkata there are very few simple steps the government can take. They are: -

Figure 1 (Block AA of Salt Lake City)

1) Salt Lake City is divided into several blocks namely AA, AB, AC, AD blocks and so on.
2) Each block is separated by another another block with a main road. (as shown in the figure 1 above)
3) There are few entrances for entering every block. (as shown in the figure 1 above)
4) Cover all the blocks with boundaries (as shown in maroon colour in the figure 1 above)
5) In every entrances install big iron gates to stop influx of anti-socials during night. (as shown in green colour circles in the figure 1 above. Here there are 3 gates in AA Block of Salt Lake)
6) Close these gates from 11pm at night to 7am in the morning.
7) Add at least 2 security personnel in each gate with walkie-talkie devices that has contacts with the other gates of the same block and with other blocks as well as local police station and Lalbazar Police Station. The security personnel will be registering name / address / phone no / ID proof of anyone entering or exiting the gates.
8) Keep at least 4 security personnel who would be roaming inside the block in their cycles (provided to them) every half an hour.
9) In the main roads between two blocks security personnel with bikes and walkie-takie devices should be kept to keep a watch of antisocial activities.
10) Salt Lake city consists of people from high income group to middle income group and if they pay 100 rupees per house for security then there would be enough money to hire security personnel with 10,000 rupees per head.

If these measures are taken proactively then the day is not far when stealing of necklaces, precious items, mobiles from morning walkers and burglary of houses in Salt Lake would be a thing of past.

Note: These measures are taken in Magarpatta City, Pune where I currently live and the security system here is a model system for all the complexes all over India to follow.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kolkata should have an Inner Ring Road and an Outer Ring Road

Just like Bangalore and many other upcoming cities, Kolkata should have 2 ring roads. One Outer Ring Road and one Inner Ring Road (as shown in the photo below)

The inner ring road should be 2 X 2 lane which should be elevated as flyovers across the city  for smooth movement of traffic. This road should meet other roads at 10 important points and that too in a scientific manner so that the traffic movement in not hampered.

The outer ring road should also be elevated at places where there are lot of traffic and it can be at ground level now but should be planned to be elevated in future so that the traffic moment in not hampered.

See the photo below to see the places of Kolkata where the outer ring road and inner ring road should pass.
Hope this is implemented soon.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chhera Smritir Ek Jholok

Aj hatat khub haria jaoya kota diner katha khub mone porche……Ami jakhon choto chilam..amar porar ghorer janalar thik ulto dike 1ta mosto boro bot gach chilo…sekhane 2to bulbuli pakhi thakto…basa kore…ora roj sokale amader banconyer gril a ese bosto…..ami bisckt ditam kheto…oder 2to chana chilo..tader jonyo nia jeto………ek kathai ora amar khub valo bondhu chilo……saradin jokhon e tym petam oder basa ta k ami ojachito bhabei nojor rakhtam..anyo kono pakhi jano kichu na kore……..r ar jonyo amar anker khatai hoto bhul....didimoni kan mule ditto….kintu ete amar kono hel dol chilo na……..ekdin,dupur belai akash kalo kore khub jhor uthlo…khub bristi holo……amar khub chinta hochhilo oder jonyo……tarpor bikele janala khule deki….1ta bulbuli pakhi more rastai pore ache…r 1ta pakhi gacher dale bose khub dakche………ami khub kedechilam sedin…….tar por din sokal thek onyo pakhita k o dekte pelam na….kothai haria gelo k jane..………

---- Madhushree Sarkar
     (a very good friend of mine)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

VAICHATT Status Update for March 2012


1. Low cost carriers like Spicejet and Indigo must start direct flights from Pune to Kolkata and vice versa everyday. 

2. Brave Rail Budget, but difficult for middle class and lower class people to travel. They constitute 80% of the passenger population. 

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1. Akhilesh Yadav looks almost like young Mulayam Singh Yadav, his father. He also resembles Ankit Shah -bhai from my office. 

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Darao Bongo-Shontaan ! (Stop ! Son of Bengal)

Darao Bongo-Shontaan ! (Stop ! Son of Bengal)
What will you get by these fightings?
Fighting in the name of your party and politics !
Fighting for Red, Fighting for Green, Fighting for Orange...
What have you got?
Mother has lost her son! Wife has lost her husband! Child has lost her father!
Shame on you, O, Son of Bengal, Shame on you !

Darao Bongo-Shontaan ! (Stop ! Son of Bengal)
What will you get by these fighting-s?
Fighting for the throne and fighting for the money !
What will you do with these money?
Money will make you more greedy,
And one day your greed for more shall invite your end...

Darao Bongo-Shontaan ! (Stop ! Son of Bengal)
What will you get by these fightings?
Think of Tagore, Think of Vivekananda,
Think of Vidyasagar, Think of Ram Mohan,
Think of Ramakrishna, Think of Loknath,
They were great people because they had sacrificed their lives,
For the well-being of our own countrymen...

Darao Bongo-Shontaan ! (Stop ! Son of Bengal)
What will you get by these fightings?
Come to Maharashtra, Come to Gujarat, Come to Karnataka...
And watch the Sons of these Soil working hard for Her development.
If they can they why can't you O, Son of Bengal ???
Its time to change yourself, time to rise,
Time to awake Time to bring about development...
Else you shall never be forgiven by you Mother Bengal !

So awake, rise and stop not till the goal is reached and achieved,
According to Swami Vivekananda, rub off the tears,
From the innocent eyes of you brothers and sisters,
Only then you Mother, will Bless you,
And you will be a True Son of Bengal, O, Son of Bengal !

(NB: This above creation is a protest against the killings of innocent brothers and sisters of Bengal in the name of party and politics in recent times)

by A Son of Bengal, on the175th Birthday of Ramakrishna Paramahansa
Pune, Maharashtra
23rd February, 2012

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kumar Sanu's songs by Vaijayanta

 Priyotama Mone Rekho (Bengali)

Raja Ko Raani Se Pyar Ho Gaya (Hindi)

Mila Koi Dagar Mein (Hindi)

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Right to food, dress, house, education and employment

In our country everyone has the right to food, dress, house, education, employment. These are the basic requirements of every individual. Rich and middle class people enjoy them but the poor people cannot enjoy them. Our government should provide these basic amenities by the following measures: -

Food: Food is the 1st requirement and government should provide them ate low prices to the poor.

Dress: Once requirement for food is met, dresses become the 2nd most important requirement to  hide the shame of individuals. Government should provide new dresses for the poor at least cost so that no poor is neglected.

House: A roof under which one can take rest with proper sanitation is a must for all. A roof can save people from harsh conditions of nature.

Education: Education is must for children as well as grownups as without this no individual can prosper. Education makes people think and judge what is good and bad for them.

Employment: Employment should be created and all poor people should be made to work so that they can earn their living. Thus if they earn their living, they can support their family. So  government will not have to look after them anymore and thus government can concentrate on other areas.

Thus if these things are met for all individuals (esp. poor) our country can prosper and grow. These would improve law and order as if people get all the basic needs there will be less or almost no production of anti socials, thieves, burglars.

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