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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kolkata should have an Inner Ring Road and an Outer Ring Road

Just like Bangalore and many other upcoming cities, Kolkata should have 2 ring roads. One Outer Ring Road and one Inner Ring Road (as shown in the photo below)

The inner ring road should be 2 X 2 lane which should be elevated as flyovers across the city  for smooth movement of traffic. This road should meet other roads at 10 important points and that too in a scientific manner so that the traffic movement in not hampered.

The outer ring road should also be elevated at places where there are lot of traffic and it can be at ground level now but should be planned to be elevated in future so that the traffic moment in not hampered.

See the photo below to see the places of Kolkata where the outer ring road and inner ring road should pass.
Hope this is implemented soon.

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