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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bad Pitch - Light Problem - What is happening with India?

What is happening with India nowadays? Lights of Eden Gardens, Kolkata are suddenly getting dim and close to off while the cricket match is going on. Thank God the match was not called off that day.

Again, the pitch of the Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, New Delhi is being declared unfit after the match is half way on. The match got called off.

What is all this happening with India? Is this a conspiracy to demean India's image? What do you say friends?

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Made up story of Raja and Rani over gtalk

Last day one of my good friend SC and I were chatting over gtalk and all of a sudden I wrote: -

Vaijayanta: ekdin...............

My friend SC wrote: -

SC: ekdin.......ekta grame ek raja chilo

Vaijayanta: shei rajar ekta rani chilo

SC: sei ranir ekta pa khora chilo

Vaijayanta: raja roj shei paye plaster kore dito

SC: raja tar mane doctor chilo

Vaijayanta: raja london theke mbbs frcs kore eshechilo

SC: london e rajar onek ku-kirti chilo

Vaijayanta: london e raja devdas er moto dress porto

SC: london e rajar girlfrnd e grame ese ranir pa bhenge diyechilo

Vaijayanta: raja.....tokhon oi gf ke chere....grame ranir kaache eshe thakte legechilo

SC: kintu rani rajar opor khepe gelo & she wanted to teach him alesson

Vaijayanta: rani raja ke ekta kuyo te thele fele diyechilo

SC: raja morer just age bolechilo......"ma kasam basnati! tujhe mein chorunga nahi!"

Vaijayanta: rajar bhoot eshe basanti ke roj raat 3 te te bhoi dekhato.......hau mau khau bole...........

SC: basantir gandho pau...

Vaijayanta: tarpor rani......o more bhooth hoye galo

SC: tarpor oi gf morlo tar por tara ekta circle e ghurte laglo

Vaijayanta: tinjone mile bhooth hoye bot gacher tolai nachte lago aar gailo....."isko laga dala to life jhingalala".....ekhane galpotir iti hoilo

SC: amar katahti phuralo nate gach ti muralo

Thus we created a story. I wonder this is how the stories of the modern day Saas Bahu Serials are created otherwise it difficult to believe how the dead characters of these soaps come alive after some days, again they die and again they come alive.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Charulata - Star Jalsa - New Serial - Payal

Kolkata, 3rd December, 2009: Keeping pace with viewers’ expectations, STAR Jalsha, the No 1 Bengali General Entertainment Channel spices up its prime time offering with the television adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s classic ‘Noshto Nirh’ called ‘Charulata’. Premièring on Dec 7, Mon-Fri at 9.30 pm, Charulata on STAR Jalsha will present the tale of ‘Charulata’, as modern day housewife as against Tagore’s 19th century protagonist, making it more contemporary and relevant.

Charulata, the character almost synonymous with the novel, remains the protagonist in STAR Jalsha’s adaptation of the tale. She is a 23 year old, educated, beautiful & modern woman hailing from a well to do family, who, unlike other girls of her age & time, does not wish to focus on her prospective career and rather chooses to get married & settle down with Rudra who is an IIM graduate and pursuing a high-flying career of an investment banker. In Charulata, he sees a great wife who will make his parents proud and whom he can present to the world. Also Charulata finds in Rudra, a handsome young man who can give her a married life she has dreamt of. But what lurks behind this apparently happy, picture-perfect marriage is the undying loneliness of a modern day housewife.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Yubaraj Bhatatcharya, Creative Director, STAR Jalsha said, “Noshto Nirh, a literary piece in early 19th century, is a story that people will relate to even today. Though Charulata’s character became iconic with Tagore’s Noshto Nirh, the 21st century adaptation on STAR Jalsha aims to take it to greater heights.”
Directed by Srijit Roy & produced by Spell Binder Production, Charulata captures the hidden loneliness of urban housewives who live a forlorn life behind the shadows of husbands’ high-paying job, domestic chores, social commitments and doting in-laws.

Payal will be play ‘Charulata’ and the character of Rudro will be played by Rapul. Charulata will also showcase an assortment of fine actors like June Maria, Pijush Ganguly, Nandini Ghoshal, Soumitra Basu.

To know more, tune in to STAR Jalsha from 7th December’09, Monday to Friday at 9.30pm

About STAR Jalsha:

Launched in September 2008, STAR Jalsha is the Bengali General Entertainment Channel(BGEC) from STAR Entertainment Media Pvt Ltd and is the No. 1 Television Channel in the West Bengal. With a clear mission to bring about change with its launch, STAR Jalsha demonstrated the Chalo Paltai philosophy to positively change Bengali entertainment when it dethroned the competition within the first 7 months of its launch to become No. 1. Within a year of launch, STAR Jalsha owned & set the new agenda for entertainment in the Bengali Television Industry.

Since its inception, STAR Jalsha has consistently presented new show-formats & fresh stories on television commanding a loyal viewership across West Bengal. It featured innovative formats, talk shows and captivating storylines garnering instant connect with the discerning audiences in Bengal. Shows like Ghosh & Co, Reality format like I laugh U’ captured the imaginations of young audiences while Bou Katha Kou, Ogo Bodhu Sundhori, Durga, Neer Bhanga Jhor, Swayamwar, Dancing Stars and events like Telly Shamman, STAR Jalsha awards, , became instant hits with the complete family audience and broke all records on Bengali Television.

As a leader, STAR Jalsha seeks consistency in excellence. It aims to continue consolidating its viewership by continuously bringing innovative formats and new storylines that lead to consumer delight.

For further information, please contact:
Star TV
Pooja Kumbhare / Poushali Majumdar
Ph: 09821382227 / 9874383083

Vaishnavi Corporate Communications:
Debarati Karan Dhar / 9903995962 /Dip Banerjee/ 9903999071
Sayantani Banerjee / 9903305203 / Saptarshi Majumdar /9903974762

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