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Thursday, November 18, 2010



A VIRTUOUS woman, who has affection for her husband, should act in conformity with his wishes as if he were a divine being, and with his consent should take upon herself the whole care of his family. She should keep the whole house well cleaned, and arrange flowers of various kinds in different parts of it, and make the floor smooth and polished so as to give the whole a neat and becoming appearance. She should surround the house with a garden, and place ready in it all the materials required for the morning, noon and evening sacrifices. Moreover she should herself revere the sanctuary of the Household Gods, for, says Gonardiya, 'nothing so much attracts the heart of a householder to his wife as a careful observance of the things mentioned above'.

Towards the parents, relations, friends, sisters, and servants of her husband she should behave as they deserve. In the garden she should plant beds of green vegetables, bunches of the sugar cane, and clumps of the fig tree, the mustard plant, the parsley plant, the fennel plant, and the xanthochymus pictorius. Clusters of various flowers such as the trapa bispinosa, the jasmine, the jasminum grandiflorum, the yellow amaranth, the wild jasmine, the tabernamontana coronaria, the nadyaworta, the china rose and others, should likewise be planted, together with the fragrant grass andropogon schaenanthus, and the fragrant root of the plant andropogon miricatus. She should also have seats and arbours made in the garden, in the middle of which a well, tank, or pool should be dug.

The wife should always avoid the company of female beggars, female Buddhist mendicants, unchaste and roguish women, female fortune tellers and witches. As regards meals she should always consider what her husband likes and dislikes and what things are good for him, and what are injurious to him. When she hears the sounds of his footsteps coming home she should at once get up and be ready to do whatever he may command her, and either order her female servant to wash his feet, or wash them herself. When going anywhere with her husband, she should put on her ornaments, and without his consent she should not either give or accept invitations, or attend marriages and sacrifices, or sit in the company of female friends, or visit the temples of the Gods. And if she wants to engage in any kind of games or sports, she should not do it against his will. In the same way she should always sit down after him, and get up before him, and should never awaken him when he is asleep. The kitchen should be situated in a quiet and retired place, so as not to be accessible to strangers, and should always look clean.

In the event of any misconduct on the part of her husband, she should not blame him excessively, though she be a little displeased. She should not use abusive language towards him, but rebuke him with conciliatory words, whether he be in the company of friends or alone. Moreover, she should not be a scold, for, says Gonardiya, 'there is no cause of dislike on the part of a husband so great as this characteristic in a wife'. Lastly she should avoid bad expressions, sulky looks, speaking aside, standing in the doorway, and looking at passers-by, conversing in the pleasure groves, and remaining in a lonely place for a long time; and finally she should always keep her body, her teeth, her hair and everything belonging to her tidy, sweet, and clean.

When the wife wants to approach her husband in private her dress should consist of many ornaments, various kinds of flowers, and a cloth decorated with different colours, and some sweet-smelling ointments or unguents. But her everyday dress should be composed of a thin, close-textured cloth, a few ornaments and flowers, and a little scent, not too much. She should also observe the fasts and vows of her husband, and when he tries to prevent her doing this, she should persuade him to let her do it.

At appropriate times of the year, and when they happen to be cheap, she should buy earth, bamboos, firewood, skins, and iron pots, as also salt and oil. Fragrant substances, vessels made of the fruit of the plant wrightea antidysenterica, or oval leaved wrightea, medicines, and other things which are always wanted, should be obtained when required and kept in a secret place of the house. The seeds of the radish, the potato, the common beet, the Indian wormwood, the mango, the cucumber, the egg plant, the kushmanda, the pumpkin gourd, the surana, the bignonia indica, the sandal wood, the premna spinosa, the garlic plant, the onion, and other vegetables, should be bought and sown at the proper seasons. The wife, moreover, should not tell to strangers the amount of her wealth, nor the secrets which her husband has confided to her. She should surpass all the women of her own rank in life in her cleverness, her appearance, her knowledge of cookery, her pride, and her manner of serving her husband. The expenditure of the year should be regulated by the profits. The milk that remains after the meals should be turned into ghee or clarified butter. Oil and sugar should be prepared at home; spinning and weaving should also be done there; and a store of ropes and cords, and barks of trees for twisting into ropes should be kept. She should also attend to the pounding and cleaning of rice, using its small grain and chaff in some way or other. She should pay the salaries of the servants, look after the tilling of the fields, and keeping of the flocks and herds, superintend the making of vehicles, and take care of the rams, cocks, quails, parrots, starlings, cuckoos, peacocks, monkeys, and deer; and finally adjust the income and expenditure of the day. The worn-out clothes should be given to those servants who have done good work, in order to show them that their services have been appreciated, or they may be applied to some other use. The vessels in which wine is prepared, as well as those in which it is kept, should be carefully looked after, and put away at the proper time. All sales and purchases should also be well attended to. The friends of her husband she should welcome by presenting them with flowers, ointment, incense, betel leaves, and betel nut. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law she should treat as they deserve, always remaining dependent on their will, never contradicting them, speaking to them in few and not harsh words, not laughing loudly in their presence, and acting with their friends and enemies as with her own. In addition to the above she should not be vain, or too much taken up with her enjoyments. She should be liberal towards her servants, and reward them on holidays and festivals; and not give away anything without first making it known to her husband.

Thus ends the manner of living of a virtuous woman.

During the absence of her husband on a journey the virtuous woman should wear only her auspicious ornaments, and observe the fasts in honour of the Gods. While anxious to hear the news of her husband, she should still look after her household affairs. She should sleep near the elder women of the house, and make herself agreeable to them. She should look after and keep in repair the things that are liked by her husband, and continue the works that have been begun by him. To the abode of her relations she should not go except on occasions of joy and sorrow, and then she should go in her usual travelling dress, accompanied by her husband's servants, and not remain there for a long time. The fasts and feasts should be observed with the consent of the elders of the house. The resources should be increased by making purchases and sales according to the practice of the merchants and by means of honest servants, superintended by herself. The income should be increased, and the expenditure diminished as much possible. And when her husband returns from his journey, she should receive him at first in her ordinary clothes, so that he may know in what way she has lived during his absence, and should bring to him some presents, as also materials for the worship of the Deity.

Thus ends the part relating to the behaviour of a wife during the absence of her husband on a journey.

There are also some verses on the subject as follows:

'The wife, whether she be a woman of noble family, or a virgin widow 1 remarried, or a concubine, should lead a chaste life, devoted to her husband, and doing everything for his welfare. Women acting thus acquire Dharma, Artha, and Kama, obtain a high position, and generally keep their husbands devoted to them.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Handsome Pakistani and Indian Cricketers

Recently there has been a controversy on the news media over Pakistani Cricketers accepting money from people to get matches fixed. I have no idea whether they are correct or not. I do not want to know anything about it. What I want to say is that about 2 to 3 decades ago, the Pakistani Cricketers were much more handsome lookwise compared to the present day Pakistani Cricketers. For example think of cricketers like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and so on. They were much more ‘handu’ compared to the present day cricketers like Salman Butt or Mohammad Sami.

Cricketers like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram were so much famous among the Indian girls. Nowadays you will hardly find Indian girls talking about their liking for present day Pakistani Cricketers. Once reason could be present day Indian cricketers like Irrfan Pathan or Yuvraj Singh are more handsome in looks and looks much better than their Pakistani counterparts. So we can assume that popularity of present day Indian Cricketers have risen compared to the popularity of present day Pakistani Cricketers.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Those days were nice. These times are good. I was in Kolkata then, now I am in Pune. Those days I used to walk through the lanes and bye lanes of Bowbazar, Central Kolkata searching for a better life. Now I walk along the broad streets of Hinjewadi. In those days, I was close to my parents, my sister, my grandparents & my love Kutu. Now I am close to my roommate Abhisek, my colleagues at Idea Cellular, and my building-mates and now I am 1800 km away from my parents, my room and my city. Then I used to lie down in my own bed at my room, look at the blue sky and dream big. Now I sit at my office dream to make it bigger in life. Those days I used to work for Digital Avenues. Now I work for Idea Cellular-IBM partnership.

Those days I had Gaurav as my closest friend. Now there are scarcity of close friends with whom, I could share my deepest thoughts. Weather in Kolkata was hot and humid during summer and monsoon and pleasant during winter. Weather in Pune is pleasant during winter, monsoon and scorching hot for the 2-3 months of summer. There was a lot of life around during those times but now lifelessness is all around.

There was poverty all around in those times. Now hardly poverty can be found near me. I am still the same in terms of wealth as I was then. People are rich here and very hard working, especially the Marathi women. There was value for money at Kolkata and you could hardly find torn notes. Now there is hardly any value for 10, 50, 100 notes and regularly we could find notes of these figure torn. Opportunity to make it big was less in Kolkata but here in Pune opportunity to make it big is more.

I could hardly ask for a lift from a two wheeler guy then, but now I often ask for it while I go to my office and luckily I get them. People at office then were very friendly and used to help at every step but now people are harsh, rude and alert. Work at Digital Avenues was fun then, but work now at Idea is like a burden thrust upon me. In those days I used to teach Rohan-Rishita at Park Circus – Theatre Road visit Park Circus now and then to meet Kutu. Now I do not have a proper place to visit. I used to Walk doen Rashbehari Avenue, Gariahat, Ballygunge with my Kutu hand in hand. Now I visit places very rare like Dange Chowk, Kalewadi Phata, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Pune University, Radhika, Deep Restaurant, Senapati Bapat Road, MANPA, Pune Station.

In those days Saturday mornings were lazy, laid back with bread, tea and shingara (samosa). Now Saturday mornings are fast and I visit Hinjewadi IT Park for better opportunity. Life hasn’t changed much now but it is the places, the people and the things around me that have changed. Waiting for a bigger break in life.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Naming Convention 2 - invented by Gaurav

Some more funny names by Gaurav: -

1. Mokontali Sorkhel
2. Sri Topon Tobasko Torkorotno
3. Lionel Lyabakanto Lashkar
4. Bul Bhullaiya Bhullanbhullo
5. Chandan Rajkumar
6. Salam Salman Suleiman
7. Jignesh Jeremine Johar
8. Sachi Sabya Barti Chakra
9. Anindranath Tagore
10. Mr. Ashim Lyangto
11. Boidyonath Bolobordhok Bagga
12. Fotikchand Fuckruddin Fernandez
13. Howard Horshobordhon Hesky
14. Olokesh Alessandro Agramagarwal
15. Santosh Klanto Pareshanto
16. Sandipuddin
17. Chunilal Chaturbala
18. Lalchand Agnidev Premnath
19. Sanjib Sebastian Sorbojjo
20. Bobby Benimadhob Bhutia
21. Holodhor Henry Hussein
22. Noresh Nathu Nuno
23. Komol Kanon Kuchkiwala
24. Sonar Horin Sengupta

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IDEA Cellular charging extra money above Rs 650 Unlimited Usage Plan

Hello IDEA Cellular Executive,

I am an IDEA NetSetter User. My Net Setter number is 8805020116. My name is Vaijayanta Chattoraj but in NetSetter Bill it is written by mistake of the outlet man as Vijayanta Chattoraj.

My DOB is 8th October, 1981. My Address is: c/o Dnyanoba Damu
Jamdade, Gurukrupa Niwas, Bhujwal Wasti, Tal Mulshi, Wakad, Pune 411057.

I have enrolled the Rs 650 unlimited usage plan of IDEA NetSetter.

Every month my NetSetter bill is increasing by Rs 50 to Rs 60.

In the month of March my Current Month Amount charge was Rs 640.13

In the month of April my Current Month Amount charge rose to Rs 716.95

In the month of May my Current Month Amount furhter charge rose to Rs 766.95

Since I have enrolled for the Rs 650 unlimited usage plan for IDEA NetSetter, every month my IDEA bill should not cross Rs 650.

Still I cannot understand why has my bill amount rose to Rs 716.95 in April and Rs 766.95 in May.

I should not be charged for unlimited usage and download of data through NetSetter for Rs 650 unlimited plan as the offer is unlimited. But currently I am being charged for downloading of data and internet usage beyond Rs 650.

Could you please look into the matter let me know why I am being charged amount more than Rs 650 every month even when I am a Rs 650 unlimited usage customer.


Vaijayanta Chattoraj

+91 93258 09073 (Pune)

Address of Idea Cellular Pune:

Maharashtra & Goa Circle

Idea Cellular LimitedSharda Centre

11/1 Erandwane Off Karve Road

Pune - 411004.

Tel : +91-98-220-12345

Fax : +91-98-500-03298 / 3299

Email :,

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Naming Convention - invented by Gaurav

My friend Gaurav (Gaurav Kumar Poddar / GKP) has a unique way of naming himself in all the sms-es he sends me. I enjoy these names and he keeps on sending sms-es and addresses himself as the names given below. There are many such names he uses but these are a few of them. Keep reading them and laughing your heart out.

1. Gilbert Gaurav Gabriel
2. Gaurav Goutam Goldar
3. Jamini Khudrolingam
4. Gaurav Kumar Gabbar
5. Gyan Gaurav Gomes
6. Gogol Gaurav Ghoshal
7. Galileo Gaurav Gallili
8. Kulbhushan Gaurabanda
9. Gourango Behera
10. Tejendro Narayan Cruise
11. Ronindranath Thakur
12. Gaurav Gagan Gonsalves
13. Bartholomew Bandhopadhyay
14. Nripendro Nicholas Bajpei
15. Umacharan Romakanto
16. Duronto Charan Lal Bagchi
17. Anil Andrew Ahluwalia
18. Toretokka Takla Makan
19. Pothbhola Ek Pothik
20. Jagjeevan Edward Routh
21. Umesh Chandro Sanyal
22. Jahangir Francis Jhontu
23. Jatin Lalit Modi
24. Hershelle Nobokumar Gibbs
25. Potal Parel Panmanabhan
26. Nimai Maiti
27. Aminul Harrison Jhontu
28. Gajadhar Chacha
29. Jaggan Jangai Jhunjhunwala
30. Dhumrolochon Potobordhon
31. Gorome Ghamithabh Ghamachchan
32. Bolai Parul Khemka
33. Kuchkengshu Koibolyo Kallol Kanti Karmakar
34. Handle Kumar Harrison
35. Alaque Podamshi
36. Mohishashur Star Ananda
37. Ghemo Gondho Ghosh
38. Vaiju Vajram Vajraghath Vajropath
39. Gouriproshad Gogonbhedi Gucchait
40. Purnendu Pal er Pishtuto Mesho Halfnendu Pal
41. Bickram Ghosh er mashtuto kaka Akram Ghosh
42. Rowdy Rascala Reddy
43. Daniel Deboprotim Dengzongpa
44. Kiron Kumar Kironmala
45. Charu Sharma Bouthan
46. Tore Tokka Takla Makan

more are to added soon in later posts ...

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Purnachandra Chattoraj - Hare Krishna Hare Rama

My grandfather's elder brother Sri. Purnachandra Chattoraj is no more with us. On Tuesday the 11th of May, 2010, he left his family and his disciples at his home in Burnpur, Asansol, West Bengal, India. He passed away in his sleep and did not wake up anymore. He did not have any children so he left his wife behind. He was around 97 years old. His disciples would be very sad because of his departure but due to old age he was suffering a lot.

I was fortunate to meet him only thrice in our life time. He was such a modern man with so much fluency in English that anyone would call him a scholar in English Language. He received his primary education during the British Days and that is why his English was so well refined. He was also a Scholar in Sanskrit and Bengali.

He was very close to my daddy, my uncle and my 5 aunts. They used to go to his quarter in Burnpur during their childhood and spend good time with Purna-dadu and his wife. They were so much loved in their house. Still my dad used to visit him 3 - 4 times a year when he used to visit Bolkunda, our village house. He also used to love his younger brother, my dadu, Late Pt. Sri. Sanat Kumar Chattoraj a lot.

He was an aesthetic person, a Vaishnavite and was always drawn towards the worship of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (an incarnation of Vishnu / Krishna). He had written many books in the name of Lord Chaitanya. He was also a follower of Prabhu Jagabandhu and Mahanambrata Brahmachari. He was active in worshipping name of Krishna and addressing lectures in the name of God. Source: (

I regret I could never take any photo of him through my camera, but I am lucky to shoot his video through my dad's handy cam when he came to Bolkunda to attend the last rites of his younger brother, my dadu, Late Pt. Sri. Sanat Kumar Chattoraj which we still have stored at our home. I remember he cried a lot on that day and when he saw he hugged me and we cried a lot in rememberance of dadu.

I wish he would live long and wish more that his soul rests in peace in heaven.

Long Live Sri Sri Purna Chandra Chattoraj !!!

Hare Krishna Hare Rama

Vaijayanta Chattoraj
Pune, Maharashtra, India
15th May, 2010

(I would search for a photo of Sri. Purna Chandra Chattoraj and upload it here at the top of this article as soon as I get the photo)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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