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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IDEA Cellular charging extra money above Rs 650 Unlimited Usage Plan

Hello IDEA Cellular Executive,

I am an IDEA NetSetter User. My Net Setter number is 8805020116. My name is Vaijayanta Chattoraj but in NetSetter Bill it is written by mistake of the outlet man as Vijayanta Chattoraj.

My DOB is 8th October, 1981. My Address is: c/o Dnyanoba Damu
Jamdade, Gurukrupa Niwas, Bhujwal Wasti, Tal Mulshi, Wakad, Pune 411057.

I have enrolled the Rs 650 unlimited usage plan of IDEA NetSetter.

Every month my NetSetter bill is increasing by Rs 50 to Rs 60.

In the month of March my Current Month Amount charge was Rs 640.13

In the month of April my Current Month Amount charge rose to Rs 716.95

In the month of May my Current Month Amount furhter charge rose to Rs 766.95

Since I have enrolled for the Rs 650 unlimited usage plan for IDEA NetSetter, every month my IDEA bill should not cross Rs 650.

Still I cannot understand why has my bill amount rose to Rs 716.95 in April and Rs 766.95 in May.

I should not be charged for unlimited usage and download of data through NetSetter for Rs 650 unlimited plan as the offer is unlimited. But currently I am being charged for downloading of data and internet usage beyond Rs 650.

Could you please look into the matter let me know why I am being charged amount more than Rs 650 every month even when I am a Rs 650 unlimited usage customer.


Vaijayanta Chattoraj

+91 93258 09073 (Pune)

Address of Idea Cellular Pune:

Maharashtra & Goa Circle

Idea Cellular LimitedSharda Centre

11/1 Erandwane Off Karve Road

Pune - 411004.

Tel : +91-98-220-12345

Fax : +91-98-500-03298 / 3299

Email :,

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