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Monday, July 28, 2008

Rath Yatra 2008 - Bowbazar, Central Kolkata, India

Rath Yatra  2008

Rath Yatra Procession 2008

Rath Yatra Devotees 2008

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pluckth, Pluckth, Pluckth !!!

What is Pluckth by the way? Do you know? Did you ever hear such a sound? Did you ever try to hear it? I am sure many of you have heard it many times in your life time but no one knows about it and has never paid attention to it except Gaurav and me. We both are fans of the sound called "Pluckth". The term was invented by Gaurav. It is quite difficult to hear Pluckth for guys like us at such a young age. But luckily, many guys do hear them in many situations and conditions.

Pluckth is a sound that requires ruler, oil, fat, force, a positive and negative energy to react and a suitable environment to occur. It soothes the mind, the heart, the soul and the body. So it has turned out to be a heavenly sound for people throughout many generations.

Both Gaurav and I felt that we could hear the sound Pluckth at New Town last month, when we visited there and met one of the source (MotaSush) of the heavenly sound Pluckth. But we unfortunately could not arrange for a suitable environment and the source of the sound Pluckth. But we are sure we will be able to hear it soon from various other sources. Lets see, when the golden moment arrives for us. Eagerly waiting for the moment.

Pluckth, Pluckth, Pluckth !!!

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Friday, July 04, 2008


Two guys were hiking through the jungle when they spotted a tiger that looked both hungry and fast. One of the guys reached into his pack and pulled out a pair of Nike.

His friend looked at him "Do you really think those shoes are going to make you run faster than that tiger?"

"I don't have to run faster than that tiger", his friend replied. "I just have to run faster than you".

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bengali Brides at Bengali Marriage Ceremony

Bengali Brides at Bengali Marriage Ceremony

Bengali Brides at Bengali Marriage Ceremony

Yesterday, I had the good opportunity of visiting a Grand Wedding Party and there I had clicked some of the pictures of the beautiful women and girls (with their permission) and after clicking each picture, I had showed them how they looked in that snap through my Camers's LCD. Thus I was very happy (in fact for the first time) to click such good pictures. But due to limited space in my flickr and picasa account I could not upload them. But we should keep in mind that "Something is Always Better Than Nothing".

Hope you also enjoy this picture. I am looking forward to get all your feedback in my mail id or in the comment section just after this post.

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