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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Join my yahoo groups

As a Group Moderator of the three groups below, I would like to invite friends like you to join these 3 groups.There are two groups:-1) Group of Supermodel Yamila Diaz Rahi containing more than 200 of her pictures.Link:-
2) Group of Gayatri Joshi and Indian model turned actress who is the Heroine of Shah Rukh Khan in the film yet to be released called "Swades".This is her fan club.Link:-
3)This is a group for those People whose Lovers have ditched them. The ditched lovers may join this groupand share their sad stories with people with similar thoughts. Who knows, may be one day you will get back your love from this group.Link:-
Everyday more pictures are added to these groups.I would be grateful to you if pepople like youjoin this/these group/s.
Thanking You,
Regards,Group Moderator.

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