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Monday, February 13, 2012

Right to food, dress, house, education and employment

In our country everyone has the right to food, dress, house, education, employment. These are the basic requirements of every individual. Rich and middle class people enjoy them but the poor people cannot enjoy them. Our government should provide these basic amenities by the following measures: -

Food: Food is the 1st requirement and government should provide them ate low prices to the poor.

Dress: Once requirement for food is met, dresses become the 2nd most important requirement to  hide the shame of individuals. Government should provide new dresses for the poor at least cost so that no poor is neglected.

House: A roof under which one can take rest with proper sanitation is a must for all. A roof can save people from harsh conditions of nature.

Education: Education is must for children as well as grownups as without this no individual can prosper. Education makes people think and judge what is good and bad for them.

Employment: Employment should be created and all poor people should be made to work so that they can earn their living. Thus if they earn their living, they can support their family. So  government will not have to look after them anymore and thus government can concentrate on other areas.

Thus if these things are met for all individuals (esp. poor) our country can prosper and grow. These would improve law and order as if people get all the basic needs there will be less or almost no production of anti socials, thieves, burglars.

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