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Thursday, November 03, 2011

TCS, CTS, IBM - in towns - a dream

The big companies like TCS, CTS, IBM if opens their offices in small towns of India, then it will be a landmark for their expansion in towns of India and it would be a boon for the local students from those towns who have completed their technical degrees and want to work for these biggies but do not want to shift their base to big cities.

Let us discuss about our Bengal. There are some towns like Asansol, Durgapur, Siliguri, Berhampur, Midnapur, Darjeeling, Malda, Howrah, and so on. So if these 3 biggies open their offices in these towns then how will the name sound. Let us check: -

As for TCS: -

TCS-Asansol, TCS- Durgapur, TCS- Siliguri, TCS- Berhampur, TCS- Midnapur, TCS- Darjeeling, TCS- Malda, TCS- Howrah

As for CTS: -

CTS-Asansol, CTS- Durgapur, CTS- Siliguri, CTS- Berhampur, CTS- Midnapur, CTS- Darjeeling, CTS- Malda, CTS- Howrah

As for IBM: -

IBM-Asansol, IBM- Durgapur, IBM- Siliguri, IBM- Berhampur, IBM- Midnapur, IBM- Darjeeling, IBM- Malda, IBM- Howrah

Doesn’t the sound great? What is your opinion?

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