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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to Vaijayanta

Today I am the Birthday Boy. It is my Birthday today. I am Happy as well as Sad today. 

I am Happy because it is my Birthday today. I was born today 27 years ago at Central Calcutta Nursing Home in Ganesh Chandra Avenue at 10.40 am and my parents became proud of me on that day. That was the first and last time they became proud of me.

I am Sad because I am 27 years old (almost close to 30 years) which signifies that I am slowly and steadily loosing my youth and becoming an aged man (Buro hoye gelam boss [ :( ] ). It makes me sad. Another aspect which makes me sad is that in thes 27 years I could not make my parents proud of me. I did by schooling from DBPC, Engineering from IEM and MBA from IISWBM but could not secure a good job or earn much like my fellow friends who are treading the globe. It makes me feel unhappy. 

It seems that I am more unhappy than happy today. I could not achieve in life what I should have achieved in these 27 years of my life. No bank balance. No secure job. No job satisfaction. No good managerial job even after pursuing MBA. My parents even family, all are unhappy with me and my achievements. I should have achieved a lot and made them happy. But somehow I could not. My laziness made me what I am today. No growth. No prospect.

But the hope is always there. I hope to overcome my laziness someday. It makes me go on in this cruel, competitive world. A Sad Happy Birthday to Me.

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