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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mountan View California USA

What a beautiful place it is? It is like a town of dreams. It is Mountain View, California. Trees all over on the sides of the roads. Clean well-planned roads. Nice furnished buildings. One of such complex is "Googleplex", Google's Corporate Headquarters

I simply love this place. I have never been there in my life but I wish to visit there someday and work for Google. That is my wish. The place is like heaven. The small cottage type houses are a great attaraction there. Peace prevails there. I am sure anyone who sees this place would definitely fall in love with this place and would like to come here often. 

I find no words to describe the beauty of Mountain View, California. I assume the people there are also friendly and nice just like the place. I really long to visit this place and be there for some years of my life before returning to my country India.

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