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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Villain Rain during Durga Puja

Every year in Kolkata and adjoining areas, rain acts as a villain and hampers the enjoyment of the Durga Puja. In the 4 days of the Puja, rain is bound to wash away the enjoyment of people by wetting the streets and the parks where Durga Puja is celebrated, thus raising the temperatue and making the atmosphere hot and humid. The parks where people gather to celebrate the Puja becomes muddy thus makng the new clothes of the worshippers muddy and sandy. Every year this is a major problem for the people who visits pandals to pandals to see the decoration and the Mother Goddess Durga.

To avoid such a phenomenon from taking place the philopsophers who proposes or calculates the date of the Puja must come with a solution to tackle the ever rising problem. They should postpone the Pujas to the beginning of December or any time in the month of December instead of October. Thus the advantage is cold climate that would add the beauty of the Puja as more people could walk from Pujas to Pujas to see the Mother Goddess Durga. Also there would be no rain so no hot and humid climate. Thus the new clothes can be safuguarded form mud and worn at will. More and more new dresses could be worn at that time. Also the fashion statement would be more prevalent in such a situation.

So keeping in mind the benefit of the people we should take measures to postpone the Durga Puja to December. This is a proposal from my end to all. What do you all say?

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