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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jayant Kriplani - A Complete Man.

Jayant Kriplani

I have a lot of respect for Mr. Jayant Kriplani. He is such a nice man. His eyes say that. I like him a lot. I don't know but since I had seen him in those yesteryears tele-serials as well as tele-serials now and the films in which he had acted, he impressed me more and more. He is a great human being and a great dramatist. Such a talented person is really hard to find. He is one in a million. He is like a guru to me. One day I would like to meet him personally and as we meet, I would like to touch his feet in respect.

He also has such a romantic hair. His hair and looks has so much resemblance to the har and looks of our very own SRK. (my favourite actor) Mr. Jaant Kriplani seems to be an elder brother to our SRK. He also resembles one of my friend called Subhsankha Roy

Some info about Jayant Kriplani: -

Actor and Trainer
30+ years of Acting and training people on how to exhibit the right behaviours 
Enter-trainer, Role Model, Creative Genius 

Jayant is an actor, director and producer. He uses theatre techniques to develop and deliver workshops in Communication, Assertiveness, Relationship Building and Creativity. He graduated from Jadavpur University with a degree in English Literature. He has worked at JWT, Grant Kenyon & Eckhardt, and as Senior Creative Director with RKSwamy BBDO. Jayant was one of the first small screen stars in India featuring in TV serials like Khandan, Mr. Ya Mrs and later in Ji Mantriji. He has played character roles in movies like Heat & Dust, Rockford and more recently in Alag. Jayant has directed and produced a number of films for multi nationals and is actively involved with theatre.

Some more info on Mr. Jayant Kriplani: 

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