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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nano-baadi or Nano-birodhi? Any solution?

Nano-baadi: Anyone for the Tata-Nano-Project. eg: Buddhadev Bhattacharya and his supporters.

Nano-birodhi: Anyone against the Tata-Nano-Project. eg: Mamata Banerjee and her supporters.

Let us look at the whole Singur situation and compare it with a household situation. Let us think of a farm house. Say I (compare to Buddhadev Bhattacharya) am an owner of a farmhouse (compare to Bengal) of 100 acres along with my cousin sister (compare to Mamata Banerjee). I invite my friend say Kalyan (compare to TATA), a person with great wealth, repute and ability to create a workshop of some factory equipment, to my farmhouse so that he can set up a workshop in only 10 acres. (which is only 10% of the whole area) and develop the livelihood of the farmers in my farmhouse.

Previously there were many farmers who used to work in my land and I had allowed them to take 90% of what they cultivated to their home. But now after Kalyan planned to set up the workshop in 10% of the farmhouse, my cousin sister, who was against me for a long time, who also has equal right over my property, comes and protests my move and says that she would not allow Kalyan to set up the workshop there.

Later, my cousin sister changes her decision and demand that my friend Kalyan can set up the workshop in only 6 acres as 6 farmers who worked on 6 acres were willing to give the land for the workshop in the hope of getting a job in the workshop. While 4 acres of the land would have to be returned to the 4 farmers who were unwilling to work for the workshop of Kalyan.
These 4 farmers along with my cousin sister is fighting and protesting in front of the 10 acres and demanding to return 4 acres to them thus hindering the smooth flow of the work processes of the workshop. The rest 6 farmers are happy that they got an opportunity to work for Kalyan’s workshop in the hope of getting a monthly salary of Rs. 20,000 while if they had cultivated the land they would have barely managed Rs. 5000 at most. So now they are unhappy that they are loosing their Rs. 15,000 for the unwanted protests of the 4 farmers.

So what could be done in such a situation? Any help? Any solution?

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