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Friday, September 12, 2008

Learn Bengali - Part 00001

To learn Bengali u need to know these Phonetic Romanizations (just pronounce them): -
Aw, aa, hroshoi, dirghoi, hroshou, dirghou, ri, li, aye, oi, o, ou

Kaw, khaw, gaw, ghaw, ooaw,
Chaw, chhaw, jaw, jhaw, eaaw,
Ta, tha, daw, dhaw, moddhennaw,
Taw, thaw, da, dhaw, dontennaw,
Paw, phaw, baw, bhaw, maw,
Untushto-jaw, raw, law, baw, taliboshaw,
Pet-kata-moddhenno-shaw, donteshshaw, haw, untushto-aw,
Doy-shuno-raw, dhoy-shuno-raw, unnu-shar, bishargo, chandrabindu

For more details refer: -

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