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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Last Compartments are for Females only !!!

Gaurav would really be sad on hearing such a gay-ish decision by the metro rail authorities. The last compartments of the Kolkata Metro Rail have recently been reserved for females, where no male can put their curious toes. We are all really amazed by such a gay-ish decision. It will have its effect. Some are: -

1) Girls / Females / Ladies will be stared at by the fellow passengers on the Metro Stations more as the men would not be able to stare at their female co-passengers on the train during the journey. After all everthing should be in balance. Na?

2) Number of male as well as female passengers on the train will diminish on the Metro Rail thus creating huge losses for the Metro Rail authorities. To compensate this, the authorities should reduce the price of the fares by one rupee else I don't find the chance of number of passengers to increase.

3) Sometimes we see some villagers (with due respect to them) visit the Metro Rail for the sake of riding the train and fun. They usually travel with 10 kids and 5-6 adults who are either male or female. They also usually have a tendency of entering and exiting the compartments by holding each other’s hands in the fear of getting lost from their dear ones. Thus if there are 4 females in a group of 15 people, then there is a high possibility of their getting lost as they will not be able to get inside and get outside the compartment by grasping each other’s hands. There is also a possibility of these males getting off on one station and females getting off on the next station or on the next to next stations. So the authorities should be prepared for more and more villagers getting lost in Metro Railway from now onwards. They can start preparing a lost and found cell in all the Metro Staions.

4) Girlfriends and Boyfriends or at large couples would have a difficult time travelling on separate compartments from now on without their better halves.

5) The loss of metro would be gain for the buses and taxis as people would be travelling more on buses thus adding congestion on the roads. Thus Kolkata Police would have a difficult time in managing more traffic jams and so they would have to put extra effort on their duty.

Instead of such an emotional step, the Metro Rail authorities should have increased the frequency of trains from 15 minutes to 5 minutes throughout the day. People would have really praised them and blessed them as the number of traffic has drastically increased since the inception of the Metro rail.

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