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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kolkata fuming with angry Mob

It has been very difficult for ambitious people to stay here in Kolkata. This is because of the several incidents occuring here for some time now. First of all the Nandigram issue made the opposition call for Bandhs, Achals, chakka jams and many such political steps by the opposition to show their no-confidence in the government. Ther has been several such Bandhs and Strikes in West Bengal. If such situation prevails, the existing multinational companies would run away form Kolkata and no new companies will ever come here to set up their base here. It is going to create problems for the future of Bengal.

An incident popularly known as the Rizwanur Case has kept the people living in this area stay at their toes. They fear anytime an angry mob would start breaking cars, buses, trams, and hitting people whoever they see before their eyes. Thus common man fears to travel through Park Circus. It has been difficult for the City Police to tackle angry mobs.

Several such cases are causing Bengal to die a premature death. I would recommend all Bengalis living outside Bengal not to return to Bengal anymore and I would like to tell them that they are much better off there in other states.

Just as I am writing this post, people are fighting in Park Circus(bridge no 4), AJC Bose Road, CIT Road, Moulali, Park Street, Ripon Street over Nandigram issue and Taslima issue with police smashing 150 cars in the area. Street fights have become common in Kolkata where people fight with the police like born fighters.

It is not known when the peace-loving Bengalis have started becoming violent to put forward their demands. Bengalis were always peace loving lazy people who kept away from violence. But not anymore.

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