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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Sunsign Libra

Libra is my sunsign and it says that people like me: -

1. Loves to chat. (Yeah, I like to chat with people even while at office through gtalk, msn and yahoo messenger. I also love to chat with Bibhu, the xerox guy of our locality and the para friends like Sandip, Arjun and others)

2. Loves those who love them. (I have a good relation with all the people who love me, and even with those who hurt me like Gandhigiri)

3. Loves to takes things at the center. (That is why I have my blogs)

4. Inner and physical beauty. (I think I am Gandhiji from inside and SRK from outside, lol [:D])

5. Lies but doesn't pretend. (I lie a lot to my parents about my girlfriends)

6. Gets angry often. (I get angry with people who are hypocrites)

7. Treats friends importantly. (I think Gaurav, Kalyan, Rajarshi, Anirban, Sujoy, Sucharit, Amarjyoti and others are very important to me)

8. Brave and fearless. (I was never afraid to fight 7 goons in Rabindra Sarabar Lake)

9. Always making friends. (The range of friends vary from the man who serves tea at my office to the Director of the company)

10. Easily hurt but recovers easily. (I feel bad when someone shouts at me like Mamata Banerjee does to the CPIM cadres, but later think, this is not the end like the moral of Om Shanti Om)

11. Daydreamer. (Sometimes I dream, as if I am the king of the world.)

12. Does not care to control emotions. (I feel like saying what comes to my mind like Medha Patkar, without a 2nd thinking)

13. Unpredictable. (Just now I like something, just the next moment I hate it. )

14. Extremely smart, (I am extremely smart like SRK, koi shak?)

15. but definitely the hottest (I am hot like hot cakes being sold at Kookie Jar)

16. and Sexiest of them all. (I think myself to be more sexy when compared to Tom Cruise, Enrique Iglesius or Salman Khan)

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