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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet Project Manager

It happened such that in some Software Company (XYZ Pvt Ltd), the Director (Mr. XX) recruited his brother (Mr. AA) to be one of the Project Managers. The brother Mr AA before joining this company had a sweet shop (mishtir dokan / mithai ki dukaan) and he did not know anything related to software. His sweet shop was closed due to some unknown reasons. Still he was appointed the Manager due to brotherly compassion by the Director Mr. XX.

Mr. AA did not have any software exposure because he was managing his sweet shop. He could understand anything related to sweets and nothing else. Whatever he told his subordinates, he made them understand citing examples from sweets and sweet shops. His subordinates came to understand this and if they wanted to make him understand anything related to software, they had to do so again citing examples from sweets and sweet shops. Otherwise he could not understand the concepts. So by now you can understand what and how much Mr. AA might have understood when relation between software and sweet shop was drawn to make him understand some software concepts.

Once it happened that a new candidate was to be interviewed and Mr. AA was asked to take his interview. As always, Mr. AA asked the guy, everything about sweets and their composition and their demand in the market. He even asked the guy, which sweets he liked, which sweet shops in Kolkata he liked and why he liked them. Just imagine, it was a interview of a software engineer and the guy was asked about sweets. This guy was really amazed seeing a Project Manager asking him about sweets and sweet shops. He was already fuming in disghust.

After a tight session of interview related to sweets and sweet shops to a software engineer, Mr AA asked the guy now tell me, “In what manner did you do your job in your last company?” The guy said, “I used classes and objects to do my job so that the coding is carried out in object oriented approach”. Mr AA understood this sentence in his own way and he replied, “Look Mr, you will have to sit with all other employees to do your work, we cannot provide you any class (read as cubicles or cells) or things like that to do your job in this company”. Hearing this, the guy was really ashamed seeing the knowledge of the recruiter regarding software. He left the room at once disgusted and irritated.

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