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Monday, November 19, 2007

New Faulty Tata Indicom Handset & Connection (Episode 0002)

I am really upset with the kind of treatment I had undergone by the Tata Indicom people and their people associated with them. I never expected such indifferent attitude towards a customer by Tata Indicom. I am really disappointed.

I will advise my family, my relatives, friends, friends of friends, their friends and their friends not to buy any Tata Indicom mobile set as they have really bad customer relationship. Their attitude towards their customers is not professional (very unprofessional). They do not know what is customer satisfaction. What they know is a big show off towards te ignorant people of India.

I am going to spread this news in orkut and other online communities and forums so that common people like me are not fooled again in the name of low-priced mobile connection and handset.

I am going to relate the whole story in my next post.

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