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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When should I study?

What a noise pollution it was this time, during my MBA Examination in the month of May, 2007, around my house? I was not at all surprised by the amount of commotion that occured here as it is a common phenomenon in this part of the world. The probability of occurence varies each day. But the worst part is, the probability of occurence was 1 (at its peak) each day out of the all 13 days before my Exam.

1) A baby took birth about a year ago in the house that is just behind my room and my room faces their room. Suddenly this time, during my Exams, the voice of the baby became louder and louder and he started shouting at the top of his voice everyday, just like the way Sanjeev Kumar had shouted when Amjad Khan chooped of his both hands in Sholay.

2) Ours is a very religious para (locality) and the month of May is the festive season in our para. Two major Pujas (Jagathdhatri and Annapurna) are held. Dhaks and dhols are a must in these pujas. During my Exams this time, they were again played loudly like all other years. These Pujas are very nice and a wonderful event to participate in, but the sound of dhaks cannot be tolerated during Exams.

3) With full respect for the Rabinrasangeet lovers (even though I am one of them), on 9th May, 2007 on the birthday of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore, a major function was held in our locality and all famous Rabindrasangeet Artistes came here to render these beautiful songs, through their experienced voice. But I had Exam during that time, so although I missed the event but had quite an amount of concentration lapse as I could hear all these songs from my room.

4) Jatra (Plays/Dramas) is a common feature in our area during the month of May every year. As usual a Jatra event was held with males playing the roles of females by wearing female dresses. It is something very funny and at every instant some drums and a disc is played after each dialogue. I continues from 7pm till 3am the next day. It strongly affected my studies.

5) Crows at our locality are very fond of me. They like to caw on me. Whenever they see me, they start cawing. This increases more during my Exams. During my Exams even if by chance the crows of my area, see me through a pin hole, they start cawing at me like as if they had just learnt to caw and they had never seen me before. They caw at the top of their voice. I get irritated and disturbed at this, but there is no other way out for me.

6) There is a dida (a granny type lady) on the next house, and she is very lean and weak but I dont know how, her voice like the crows and the baby, becomes louder and louder and she screams at her domestic help everytime in the morning of my Exams.

7) In our neighour, stays two brothers (Anondo and Niranondo, their code names given by me) who have divided their fathers house in to two and living with their families. Previously these two families used to shout at each other, using slangs. There was a ceasefire for about 5 years but suddenly this year, from nowhere during my exams the wives of these two brothers and the children started using slangs at the top of their voice ( I dont know the reason) , but they were so horrible in their languages, that I felt like strangling them to death. Even the people on the road do not use so much harsh phrases. I was really out of my brains.

8) The people in the house just behind ours had always linked their party time with my Exams all throughout my life. They used to have parties during my exams while at school, college and even now they are having Marriage Parties, Birthday Parties during my exams. They play loudspeakers with the most recent numbers. This time they had Annaprashan Ceremony of their less than 1 year old baby, just before my exams. This time thay played Himesh Reshamiya numbers. I felt very irritated.

9) There is another character called Pakhi-aunty (a lady of about 28, has many birds and cats as pets, who looks like Pakhi (acutally Rakhi) Sawant) who plays with the cats on her roof which is at a very close proximity from my study. This lady starts caressing her cats as loudly as she can so that the whole locality knows that she has cats. I feel like tying chocolate bombs on the tails of these cats along with their mistress so that they do not do so, while others Exams are going on.

10) There are 5 - 6 cats who start crying at the top of their shrill voices, at the backyard of Pakhi-aunty and they do so the whole night. It was again very intense during my Exams this year.

Sometimes I think, that how much tolerant I am that I keep on tolerating these nuisances around my house. I do not utter a word. I dont know what kind of enemity they have with my and my Exams that they always create loud noises some way or other during these crucial period. So tell me, my dear readers, when should I study?

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