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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tongue tied

People carry out many jobs by the help of their tongues. Kissing is one of the prime functions in which we involve our tongue.

I have seen people using thier tongue much more that it is required while talking. Yeah, I've noticed that there are people whose tongue come out of their lips while speaking.

One of them is Kangana Ranaut, the skinny beauty ruling the Bollywood with films like, Gangster and Woh Lamhe.

Another is the famous Chef and TV Anchor of recipe shows, Sanjeev Kapoor.

Third is a man who is welknown in our area. His name is Shondev-da. He too speaks like that.

The fourth person who speaks or rather sings like that is our dear singer from Kolkata, who is known as Rupankar. He too takes out his tongue whenever he says the letter "S" and many such letters while speaking/singing.

There are several others. I will add them to the list once I remember them. [:)]

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