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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rani and Preity - isssshhhhhhhhhhh

I simply don't understand how can Shah Rukh tolerate Rani Mukerji (where has the 'h' gone in between 'k' and 'e' in her name?) and Preity (what is wrong with Preety) Zinta. They two look like another male actor along with Shah Rukh. Rani Mukerji looks like the next door doodhwala (yes it is doodhwala and not doodhwali) and Preity looks like another clean shaven guy in the nearby locality who resembles a fair girl.

In my opinion Rani and Preity has no better screen presence than Suniel Shetty when it comes to impressing the audiences. Suniel Shetty would make a better heroine if made to be one. A heroine should have some sex-appeal which they have none. Their over exposed faces repels audiences instead of attracting them. They should be moms of young heroine or rather step down from their job if they have nothing great to offer other than those monotonous roles with SRK. They really suck. Watch KANK if you don't believe me.

Whenever I hear SRK making his next film with either Rani or Preity, I feel like banging my head on the floor till the memories of the two male-ish heroines disappear from my mind. God knows what ShahRukh finds in those two ladies and what made him invite them to KBC. Kajol was far better than these two in every aspect.

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