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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My school days

This is what I had written in Anirudh Saria's in 2005.


I miss those classes from 8am to 2pm, tiffin breaks, exams, masti we all had, cricket matches, hand cricket, hand tennis, fests where all the boys knew which girls school is coming and which is not, self composed national anthems, bawaalis, free periods, classes of Mr.Raghunath, Mr.Sambhu Charan Dey, Mr.Kapadia, and so on, intra school competitions, passes for Bosco Beat, Bosco Raag, young moms (our boudis) of junior class kids, Mr.Vanjo and Mr. Crouch's Devdas style, Mr. Peter's puns, our unity during bad times(like the one when Father questioned us who banged the desk), "ohms" sessions by Kalyan, Tristan, Abhiroop, Shaon, etc, jharis at every girl outside the school, momo at Krishnaarpan, functions at our field, sports, panus (thanks to P-kaku), baba-baba cry, giving nicknames to all, "Its a game" boy-Sayan Banerjee, kaoramis, Mr. Ranjit Egg-roll sorry Edward Biswas and Mrs.Chitralekha Gupta(who said "Ai Kalyan tumi hashcho kano?"), Somak Sen's erotic incidents that he did at hi s home and there are many more to the list. But above all I miss you all guys who were all great friends in my school days. The url of my group is


1. That Chocolate Bomb Explosion that made every body proud to be a student of Batch 2000. And for that we did not get Farewell.

2. Once Mrs Mukherjee said to me "Vaijayanta what are you doing under the desk?" I said " Maam, my pen-is lost" and there was a huge laughter in the History class.

3. Once I got very poor marks in Chemistry exam and Mr.Dey asked all the boys who did badly to solve the question paper. As ever I did not solve it and when asked I said that " Sir, my question paper is lost." by making a sign which is usually made by the umpires in a cricket field to pass the judgement to the third umpire. Seeing this the whole class laughed away.

4. After all the boys were suspended I with Rajarshi Bhattacharya and Soumyadipta went to Shiraz and had Biriyani and Chiken Chaap.

5. Talent contests where I used emulated the voice of Kumar Sanu and bagged the 1st,2nd or 3rd prizes and a boy thought I got the prize because of my dads influence. Which was not true. I also used to sing in each and every class even when the teacher took classes. People listened to me even if they did not like it.

6. Every one asked me that as my daddy is teaching in the same school where I am studying, how could I manage it. They all stared at my beard thinking that I would one day look like daddy. There are many more.

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