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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am never going to watch any Karan Johar movie where there is Rani and Preity along with Shah Rukh Khan. Only SRK is okay and much better than those two male like heroines. Rather these two male like heroines should be called male actors for their better description.

I have taken this oath that I am not going to see any SRK - Karan Johar Movie where Rani and Preity together or alone will also be a part of the film. I am really fed up by the looks of these two male like heroines Rani and Preity.

The reason is whenever I see their ugly faces nothing happens to me that should happen when I see a girl. (Kuch Nehi Hota Hai) I would rather go to see Suniel Shetty as a heroine than those two male like heroines. I am really fed up with them.

They should immediatley stop working in films. (Bar Bar Alvida Zaroor Kehna) .Yuck they make me hate Hindi film. I believe they are both the worst thing to have ever happened to Hindi Cinema. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna is the worst film of SRK in his whole career. My friend and brother Gaurav also believes that.

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