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Monday, December 31, 2007

Atankvadi Transformer

There is a Transformer in Camac Street just opposite to Frankfinn Air Hostess Training Institute next to which many food stalls are set up for the office babus to have a cheap lunch in the costly Park Street-Camac Street area. This Transformer is crueler than the cruel terrorists in the cruelest part of the world. It is an Atankvadi Transformer.

In the month of August 2007, there was a huge explosion in this transformer and some chemical from it got scattered all around. There was a poor man just below it who was washing the plates that were used by the babus to have their lunch few hours back. This poor man’s whole body was burnt and he was taken to SSKM Hospital (PG Hospital) in a taxi by his fellow colleagues and the traffic sergeant who was patrolling in the area.

The explosion could have taken place about 3.00pm and from 12.30pm till 2.30pm when many people queue in this area to have lunch. This would have increased the number of casualties and many people would have injured.

It was the most dreadful sight I had ever seen in my life. From that day whenever I pass that transformer I get afraid that it might again burst. I simply run to save my life from another cruel incident. This transformer has created Atank in me.

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