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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chothas - (tere bina bhi kya jeena?)

Chothas is a very universal word for all the Engineering students of these days. Chothas are something, which every Engineering students feel proud of himself. Without chothas the Engineeing students cannot survive in this fierce competition. It is the source of their sustenance. Chothas mean a lot to them.

These students forget to sleep, eat or even study before Examinations as it becomes very important for them to formulate chothas to survive the Examination Blues. They even slash themselves off from all social activities to make chothas. There are some who even start making chothas from the beginning of the academic semester.

The funda is very simple. People who have chothas with themselves during examination, they really have no reason to fear the examination. They will pass the examination with flying colours.

What are chothas actually?

Chothas are actually a ready reckoner for students during the examinations, inside the exam hall. They are mostly made up of paper and vary from the least possible size to A4 size. Any size greater than A4 will be detrimental for the students and there will be enormous amount of chance to get caught by the supervisor of the examination. This might result in cancellation of all the 6 examination papers of that semester. At most getting caught with chothas in hand can get a student expelled from the institution in which he belongs. But that occurs once in a million.

What is its content?

Chothas usually contain topics (usually tough ones, that student find hard to remember) that are closely related to the subject of the examination. Most of the times they match the question paper, which is an effect of hard work by the chothas carrying students.

Who carries chothas?

Not everyone, but almost everyone. At least 90 % of the students carry them (which is a very high no) but only 30% (very low when compared to 90%) know how to use them effectively. Out of the chothas carrying students 80% are guys and 20% are gals.

What is an index chotha?

Index chotha is a chotha, which contains an index of all the topics and which topic is in which chotha and which chotha is in which pocket or which part of the body of the student appearing for the exam. If the index chotha gets lost or misplaced, there is a high chance of the student getting confused with the other chothas and in the process there is a high chance of his getting caught by the Examination Guards and Supervisor.

What is the moral of the chothas article here?

Use chothas effectively but with great care, as using chothas is very injurious to ones career prospects.

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