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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vaijayanta-logy Part 3

Do you know why the names of the domestic help is kept like Sita, Durga, Parbati, Protima, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Ram, Krishna, Gopal, Arjun and so on?

The reason behind it is that these domestic help work in various households. Often they get bored with their monotonous jobs and they skip some jobs to rest themselves and thus when their masters / recruiters want to scold them right and left, they cannot do so because the names are same as the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Thus the masters hesitate to get angry on the domestic help as they have a feeling they are using harsh words on the names of their Gods and Goddesses.

This ultimately helps the domestic help by not getting scolded by their masters as the masters might feel guilty to scold them or use any abusive languages.

So next time when you see a domestic help dont ask her "Why has your parents kept your name at par with Gods / Goddesses?". If such a situation occurs, what you can do is remember this blog ( and this post of mine.

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