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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Did you ever eat CHOEMEIN? Yes it is CHOEMEIN. Yes you have heard it right. It is CHOEMEIN. At least some people in the Nandan Cinema Hall Area speak so. There is a fast food centre just beside the western gate on the western part of the Nandan premises. This fast food centre has its Menu Board printed on its wall as shown below. Along with the other food offered there, the shop has Chow as its items. The prices of Chow written as: -


So we deduced that the people of this shop call the item called Chow or Chowmein (as many people of India call the food item) as CHOEMEIN.

Gaurav saw this before anyone else and he decided to play a prank with the person sitting on the counter. He went and said “Dada, 3 te CHOEMEIN deben”. The man was ignorant of the spelling of Chowmein written on the Menu Board, but he gazed at Gaurav thinking “Oh! Such an educated man and look how he pronounces Chowmein.” The man laughed in his mind hearing Gaurav say CHOEMEIN.

Hearing Gaurav asking for CHOEMEIN from the man, I had a great laugh in my mind. I wanted to burst out into laughter but somehow controlled myself. But as soon as I came out along with Gaurav to some distance, I did burst out into laughter.

It did not end there, when Gaurav went with the slip to the man serving the items, he again said “Dada, 3 te CHOEMEIN deben". Now I could not stop laughing. I laughed so much that people all around thought that I have gone crazy.

As we had Chowmein, sitting on the garden adjacent to the place, we kept on laughing and telling quite loudly (loud enough so that all the people in that garden area can hear us) among ourselves, that the CHOEMEIN was quite well prepared and we are going to have more CHOEMEIN here in future when we go there.

Hearing us call Chowmein as CHOEMEIN, the people all aroung us thought, “These guys are so big and yet they cannot pronounce the simple word Chowmein.” Had anyone challenged us, we would have shown them the Menu Board where the word CHOEMEIN was written in big letters. But no one challenged us and we were sad that we could not show others the Menu Board.

We were really in a jovial mood that day and a great laugh at the word CHOEMEIN.
I would request anyone & all who reads this post and if he/she lives in Kolkata, to visit the fast food centre in the Nandan area, at lease once and see the word CHOEMEIN through their own eyes. You will enjoy it a lot. Believe me.

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