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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Flying CATS

On Thursday, the 2nd August, after lunch I was standing on the footpath on the opposite of Music World, near Sourav's at Park Street. There were two guys and a gal (all young, from some city college) doing some part time marketing job for the new Air Hostess Training Institute called Flying Cats. They were standing with a bunch of forms in their hands and pakrao-ing (getting hold of) guys an gals they think fit to get admission in Flying Cats for the training job.

I waited there to have a glimpse of all the things happening there and expected the girl to come near me and offer me to fill the application form. But I waited there for about half an hour. But the girl stared at me all the time but did not have any idea of approaching me with the form. I expected the girl to approach me. She might have thought that I am as bad as Gulshan Grover and would kidnap her and carry her of to my den.

Later I saw this girl approaching 5-6 office guys to fill up the application form. She might have thought these guys more dependable to approach and get the forms filled. Theys guys were like Shah Rukhs, Salmans and Hrithiks to this girl.

I had a good laugh in my mind to see the foolishness of this young girl. She should have approached me. I'm after all not that bad and ugly like Amjad Khan of Sholay.

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