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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Puzzle of Love

Some weeks back, I was asked by one of my friend to solve a puzzle sent to him by his girlfriend. I solved it in 2 minutes and received warm accolades from that friend of mine.

The puzzle said: -

"The word "limonyihwiuoteva" if arranged properly becomes a phrase that has the word Love in it. Rest are for you to solve."

So what I did was: -

(limonyihwiuoteva - love = imnyihwiuota)
or (imnyihwiuota - you = imnihwita)
or (imnihwita - with = imnia)
or (imnia - i = mnia)
or (mnia - in = ma (or am))

So the sentence is: -
(i am in love with you)

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adhoramadhuri - My Latest Portrait Photography

ahoramadhuri - Jaake Dhora Jaina

adhoramadhuri - jaake dhora jaina

This is the picture of a young lady who calls herself "adhoramadhuri" which means "one who cannot be touched". Quite a philospohical name and it is the subject of my latest portrait photography. Hope you all like it. :)

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Toppers of Madhyamik Exams - Bengal Results

To get the latest information about the Toppers of Madhyamik 2008 - All India Results go to the link below: -


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toppers of ICSE &ISC Exams 2008 - Kolkata Results

To get the latest information about the Toppers of ICSE & ISC 2008 - Kolkata Results - click the link below: -


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Toppers of ICSE & ISC Exams 2008 - All India Results

To get the latest information about the Toppers of ICSE & ISC 2008 - All India Results go to the link below: -


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Toppers of WBCHSE / WBHS / HS - Results - 2008

To get the latest information about the Toppers of WBCHSE Exams - Bengal Results go to the link below: -


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CBSE Results 2008

CBSE Results will be out on 21st May, 2008 and 23rd May, 2008.

21st May, 2008 - Chennai, Ajmer and Panchkula regions
23rd May 2008 - Delhi, Guwahati and Allahabad regions

Website -


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West Bengal Higher Secondary (WBHS / WBCHSE / HS ) Results 2008

Websites for WBHS Results (on Tuesday the 20th of May, 2008 from 10am): -












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Monday, May 19, 2008

ICSE & ISC - Funny Facts - Fun-jayanta 00002

Some Funny Facts regarding ICSE and ISC Exam from Kolkata: -

1) The Topper of ICSE / ISC Exam in Kolkata has to be from any one of the schools: -
(i) La Martiniere for Boys
(ii) St Xaviers Collegiate School
(iii) Don Bosco Park Circus

2) The Topper of ICSE / ISC Exam in Kolkata among females has to be from
(i) La Martiniere for Girls
(ii) Calcutta Girls High School
(iii) Pratt Memorial School

3) The name of the Topper from La Martiniere for Girls has to be "Pooja" or "Priyanka" and the surname had to be "Agarwal". If not so, one of the Toppers in the school has to be an "Agarwal".

4) The average result of the girls has to be better than the average results of the boys in the Exam.

5) The Topper has to secure more than 96% and sometimes it might reach 99% that proves the the Topper has made no mistake in all the 10 -12 Exams, which is unbelievable.

6) The Topper among girls has to take admission after ISC to St Xaviers Kolkata if she is a Commerce student, BITS Pilani if she is a Science student or St Stephens College Delhi, if she is an Arts student.


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ICSE & ISC Results 2008

In this year 2008, the ICSE & ISC Results can be seen at: -





on Tuesday the 20th of May, 2008 from 3.00pm.


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Eden Gardens Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement of Eden Gardens can be seen through this link. (below)

This is a good guide for you, if you are planning to visit Eden Gardens for one of those IPL Matches here. I believe that it will help you a lot.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kolkata is Coal-kata and not Call-kata

Many non-Kolkatans have the tendency of pronouncing the name of our dear city Kolkata in a very queer manner. It sounds really funny and wierd as well as ridiculous. Inspite of the spelling helping you all to pronounce the word "Kolkata" correctly, you always tend to make the pronounciation wrong and wrongly pronouce Kolkata as CALL - KATA. According to the Gen-X guys, it sucks, when you cannot pronouce the word "Kolkata" in the proper manner.

But dont worry, I am here to lend my helping hand to you. I will rectify your mistake. So from now on whenever you pronounce the word "Kolkata" you should keep this Rule in mind. The Rule goes on like this: -

Rule Kolkata: -
Kolkata = COAL - KATA (All the cut (KATA), COAL from COAL MINES)

Always try to pronouce the word Kolkata as "COAL - KATA" and not "CALL - KATA". Try to think about the number of Coal Mines (COAL) that are present in the western part of the state of Bengal in the Jharkhand-Bengal border and the amount of COAL that is cut (KATA) from those mines everyday. Thus keeping that in mind try to pronounce as Kolkata as "COAL - KATA".

Even after reading this article, if anyone again repeats the same mistake, he will prove them he is nothing but a dumb ass.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

A Border around a Photo makes it Picture Perfect

I have discovered a new technique in photography. The technique is before showing the pictures that I have clicked to my picture viewers, I need to provide a dark border around a picture. It enhances the beauty of the picture. I knew this from before and had this idea in my subconscious mind, but after watching the picture of my new flickr friend called Ace Clicker (Subhashish Ghosh's photography), I came to believe firmly that a photo looks great inside a dark border. So to prove this , I tried it with one of my own clicked snap, and I saw the result (see it yourself for the picture clicked by me below).

Central Methodist Episcopal Church 1923
View of the Church with border around it.

Central Methodist Episcopal Church 1923
View of the Church without border around it.

Now tell me which one looks better?
So from now on, I am going to apply a dark border around all my photos.

So friends come and have a look at my photography:

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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore

Today is 25e Boishakh and it is the Happy Birthday of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore.
We wish Him a Very Happy 147th Birthday. He will always be with us, among us Bengalis and all Indians through his plays, songs, stories, novels and many more of his creations.
Coincidentally 25e Boishakh is also my Mummy's Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO MUMMY.
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Harbhajan slaps Sreeshanth

The slapping incident of Harbhajan-Sreeshanth has been ruling the headlines of all the media houses all these days. Everywhere people could see Harbhajan slapping Sreeshanth and Sreeshanth weeping like a baby in front of the spectators in the stadium. Obviously it is a matter of concern but I see the whole incident in a different way.

Sreeshanth abuses Harbhajan in the field, while the game is on. But Harbhajan keeps his cool and waits till the match ends. At the end of the match Harbhajan like an elder brother slaps Sreeshanth the way he normally slaps his junior players. He usually does these things in the dressing room. But that day Harbhajan got furious and did the job on the field itself without waiting for the dressing room. Harbhajan might have thought that both are from different teams so they will have different dressing rooms, so it is better he does the thing on the field itself.

This shortsightedness of Harbhajan made him repent by getting ousted from the IPL for this season. Harbhajan could not imagine that this could happen to him. He might have thought Sreeshanth would take it sportingly but little did he know that Sreeshanth would cry infront of the media in the field like the way he did. He kept on roaming from place to place and media to media crying. This made the bosses pity on him and punish Harbhajan for the current IPL season.

His intention to teach Sreeshanth a lesson backfires him. So I would like to tell him, "This world is too bad, Harbhajan, so calculate your steps accordingly, dude else you might be in danger".

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Vaijayanta got hurt

It was last Tuesday the 29th of April, 2008 when I was going to my office, I got injured. I walked from my home till Wellington Square and from there I was about to board an auto rickshaw to Bata in Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road. I normally take an auto to office as that is much tension free option and while travelling on a public transport I get to see different types of faces everyday and sometimes some hot chicks.

So as everyday I left the filled up auto but quickly went towards an empty auto behind it. I was the first person to get into the auto at the back seat. As I was about to enter the auto, I injured my head with a protruding false ceiling that protruded downwards like a circular pyramid. (one circle on top of the other). On the last one there was a electric light.

I questioned the auto driver, "Ei sob ki lagiye rekhechen?". The non-Bengali auto driver said, "Auto ke owner yeh sab banatein hain". I kept quite to that as I thought that the owner might be having such queer ideas of decorating the auto, so there was no point cursing the driver. The ugly looking lady (might be from CMC, Ripon Street, as I saw her getting down there) kept of forcing the driver to drive the auto fast as she was getting late. Later I realised I saw the ugly lady running towards the auto and so I rushed inside so that I can get inside faster. It was because of this lady that I got hurt. Even seeing me get hurt, to my astonishment, that ugly lady told the driver, "Bahut hogaya, ab gari chalaiye". I got furious and later in my mind, I cursed her with all my cursing diction.

I kept on massaging the area where I got hurt with my right hand till I felt the pain get nullified. There was a kind young man beside the lady, who got pity on me and told the driver, "Logon ka sar phodney ke liye aap yeh sab banaye hain?". I laughed in my mind imagining the owner of the auto decorating it to crush the heads of the poor passengers. I also thanked the kind man in my mind for feeling pity on me.

Later I reached office and treated the hurt area with water from the basin. I thought the office AC would do the trick of ice on my head. Today is 1st of May and I am still having an acute pain on the top of my head if I put my hand there and press the area a bit. Hope it gets fine soon.

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