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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Puzzle of Love

Some weeks back, I was asked by one of my friend to solve a puzzle sent to him by his girlfriend. I solved it in 2 minutes and received warm accolades from that friend of mine.

The puzzle said: -

"The word "limonyihwiuoteva" if arranged properly becomes a phrase that has the word Love in it. Rest are for you to solve."

So what I did was: -

(limonyihwiuoteva - love = imnyihwiuota)
or (imnyihwiuota - you = imnihwita)
or (imnihwita - with = imnia)
or (imnia - i = mnia)
or (mnia - in = ma (or am))

So the sentence is: -
(i am in love with you)

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