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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vaijayanta got hurt

It was last Tuesday the 29th of April, 2008 when I was going to my office, I got injured. I walked from my home till Wellington Square and from there I was about to board an auto rickshaw to Bata in Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road. I normally take an auto to office as that is much tension free option and while travelling on a public transport I get to see different types of faces everyday and sometimes some hot chicks.

So as everyday I left the filled up auto but quickly went towards an empty auto behind it. I was the first person to get into the auto at the back seat. As I was about to enter the auto, I injured my head with a protruding false ceiling that protruded downwards like a circular pyramid. (one circle on top of the other). On the last one there was a electric light.

I questioned the auto driver, "Ei sob ki lagiye rekhechen?". The non-Bengali auto driver said, "Auto ke owner yeh sab banatein hain". I kept quite to that as I thought that the owner might be having such queer ideas of decorating the auto, so there was no point cursing the driver. The ugly looking lady (might be from CMC, Ripon Street, as I saw her getting down there) kept of forcing the driver to drive the auto fast as she was getting late. Later I realised I saw the ugly lady running towards the auto and so I rushed inside so that I can get inside faster. It was because of this lady that I got hurt. Even seeing me get hurt, to my astonishment, that ugly lady told the driver, "Bahut hogaya, ab gari chalaiye". I got furious and later in my mind, I cursed her with all my cursing diction.

I kept on massaging the area where I got hurt with my right hand till I felt the pain get nullified. There was a kind young man beside the lady, who got pity on me and told the driver, "Logon ka sar phodney ke liye aap yeh sab banaye hain?". I laughed in my mind imagining the owner of the auto decorating it to crush the heads of the poor passengers. I also thanked the kind man in my mind for feeling pity on me.

Later I reached office and treated the hurt area with water from the basin. I thought the office AC would do the trick of ice on my head. Today is 1st of May and I am still having an acute pain on the top of my head if I put my hand there and press the area a bit. Hope it gets fine soon.

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