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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kolkata is Coal-kata and not Call-kata

Many non-Kolkatans have the tendency of pronouncing the name of our dear city Kolkata in a very queer manner. It sounds really funny and wierd as well as ridiculous. Inspite of the spelling helping you all to pronounce the word "Kolkata" correctly, you always tend to make the pronounciation wrong and wrongly pronouce Kolkata as CALL - KATA. According to the Gen-X guys, it sucks, when you cannot pronouce the word "Kolkata" in the proper manner.

But dont worry, I am here to lend my helping hand to you. I will rectify your mistake. So from now on whenever you pronounce the word "Kolkata" you should keep this Rule in mind. The Rule goes on like this: -

Rule Kolkata: -
Kolkata = COAL - KATA (All the cut (KATA), COAL from COAL MINES)

Always try to pronouce the word Kolkata as "COAL - KATA" and not "CALL - KATA". Try to think about the number of Coal Mines (COAL) that are present in the western part of the state of Bengal in the Jharkhand-Bengal border and the amount of COAL that is cut (KATA) from those mines everyday. Thus keeping that in mind try to pronounce as Kolkata as "COAL - KATA".

Even after reading this article, if anyone again repeats the same mistake, he will prove them he is nothing but a dumb ass.

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