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Friday, May 09, 2008

A Border around a Photo makes it Picture Perfect

I have discovered a new technique in photography. The technique is before showing the pictures that I have clicked to my picture viewers, I need to provide a dark border around a picture. It enhances the beauty of the picture. I knew this from before and had this idea in my subconscious mind, but after watching the picture of my new flickr friend called Ace Clicker (Subhashish Ghosh's photography), I came to believe firmly that a photo looks great inside a dark border. So to prove this , I tried it with one of my own clicked snap, and I saw the result (see it yourself for the picture clicked by me below).

Central Methodist Episcopal Church 1923
View of the Church with border around it.

Central Methodist Episcopal Church 1923
View of the Church without border around it.

Now tell me which one looks better?
So from now on, I am going to apply a dark border around all my photos.

So friends come and have a look at my photography:

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