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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Harbhajan slaps Sreeshanth

The slapping incident of Harbhajan-Sreeshanth has been ruling the headlines of all the media houses all these days. Everywhere people could see Harbhajan slapping Sreeshanth and Sreeshanth weeping like a baby in front of the spectators in the stadium. Obviously it is a matter of concern but I see the whole incident in a different way.

Sreeshanth abuses Harbhajan in the field, while the game is on. But Harbhajan keeps his cool and waits till the match ends. At the end of the match Harbhajan like an elder brother slaps Sreeshanth the way he normally slaps his junior players. He usually does these things in the dressing room. But that day Harbhajan got furious and did the job on the field itself without waiting for the dressing room. Harbhajan might have thought that both are from different teams so they will have different dressing rooms, so it is better he does the thing on the field itself.

This shortsightedness of Harbhajan made him repent by getting ousted from the IPL for this season. Harbhajan could not imagine that this could happen to him. He might have thought Sreeshanth would take it sportingly but little did he know that Sreeshanth would cry infront of the media in the field like the way he did. He kept on roaming from place to place and media to media crying. This made the bosses pity on him and punish Harbhajan for the current IPL season.

His intention to teach Sreeshanth a lesson backfires him. So I would like to tell him, "This world is too bad, Harbhajan, so calculate your steps accordingly, dude else you might be in danger".

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