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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What? If …

What would happen if some of our famous films ended in a different way?
· Kal Ho Na Ho – Suppose, SRK had faked his death in Kal Ho Na Ho. Actually he deliberately disappeared from the lives of Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan because he hated that Preity (the fat lady, who sucks) like anything. He might have gone to India and married the hot Sonali Bendre only to return after 25 years to see that Saif and Preity had a 24 year old girl child. Then he would have told them about his plot. LOL.

· Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – Suppose SRK at the end of the film confesses to Kajol that he realised after his marriage to Rani, that he was actually in love with Kajol and to get her back in his life, he had got Rani Mukherjee murdered by Salman Khan and for this he paid Salman Khan few crore rupees. He also made Salman woo Kajol back to his life and made him marry his daughter Anjali (that child actress) so that SRK and Kajol can life happily ever after. LOL.

· Kabhi Alvida Na KehnaSRK was married to Preity and Abhishek was married to Rani. SRK falls in love with Rani and they get married. Abhishek also falls for Preity and again both get married. But no, they do not happily live ever after. They again feel for their original partners and again come back to them. Again after a year they feel for their fake partners and again go back to them. Then all the four sit in a round table conference with Karan Johar, Big-B and Kiron Kher as the jury members. Thus an agreement is signed where swapping of partners is made legal and a Rule is made where SRK and Preity can stay together and Abhishek and Rani can stay together for a year. Again in the next year SRK and Rani can stay together while Abhishek and Preity can stay together. Seeing the adultery of their children Big-B and Kiron Kher plans to stay together with SRK and Preity’s child by claiming the child as their own. They child seeing so much adultery in such a young age plans to marry the daughter of Big-B and Kiron Kher or the daughter of SRK-Rani or SRK-Preity or Abhishek-Rani or Abhishek-Preity which ever comes out first. Thus the child looses all his senses. LOL.

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