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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chow or Momo?

Today I asked a question in a forum at -
I said:
"My suggestion to all Indians: Between China and Tibet whichever country you support, you should do it based on their food. Which food do you like more? Chinese food or Tibetan food? Chinese food consists of Chow and Tibetan food consists of Momo. If you like Chow more then go for China and if you like Momo more go for Tibet. So you have the full right to choose between the two."

Answer I got from an individual called messengerfromHell:
"sorry . I select based on the babes . Chinese babes are stinky and not cooperative @ ...
Tibetian babes are very pious and down to earth .....and good @
.... I vote for Tibet ."

It became an issue after that and messengerfromHell was answerd by another individual called chetan kotur:
"how do u knw chinese babes are stnky and not cooperative??"

Again messengerfromHell answered:
"I think you are just born. When you are 21 i will tell you the place where to go and find out ..."

It stopped there. I thought it would go on and on but it did not. Thank God.

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