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Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Weekly Holidays at DBPC

Don Bosco Park Circus has changed its weekly holidays from Thursday and Sunday to Saturday and Sunday from this year. This is a matter of concern for the students who will have to drag themselves and their (tour luggage type) bags to school for 5 days at a stretch.

Previously the boys had to go to school from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday was a weekly holiday. Again Friday and Saturday was school days. Again Sunday was a holiday.

Students gained a lot from this technique. They did school for 3 days and then they would get Thursday to refresh themselves. Again they would go to school for the next 2 days and got the time on Sunday to refresh. The school rules have changed. Now they will have to drag to school for 5 days at a stretch and on Saturdays and Sundays they would refresh themselves so much that they would feel lazy to go to school on Monday.

So I would prefer the earlier rule to this new rule according to the famous proverb "Old is Gold".

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