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Friday, January 09, 2009

Some Latest News - January 2009

Some of the interesting terms that have cropped up in recent times in our so called vocabulary are 2-stroke and 4-stroke after the Auto-Rickshaw controversy. Also Satyam is now better known as Mithyam after the newspaper & news bulletin headlines was flooded with the case of its ex-chaiman B Ramalinga Raju. Mothers all over the country have now warned their children, "DO NOT B Ramalinga Raju".

Hand or Lotus, who will win the next biggest poll of our country, is another question arising on the minds of the more than 1 billion people of our country. Now wait and watch to see whether Hand uproots the Lotus or the Lotus spreads its venom on the Hand.

Sundari trees (after whose name the Sundarbans was devised) are growing on the banks of river Hugli at Kolkata and they are green and going even in this pollution when the other trees are trying their level best to survive these alarming pollution levels. So there is high chance of seeing one or two tigers on the banks of the river in the next decade.

Ghajini or Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? Which will be the leader at box office is a concern which haunts the minds of their fans more than Aamir or SRK, when both of them are spending their most luxurious holidays at the most luxorious destinations at the cost of their audiences.

Our Didi is more interested in who wins the bypoll at Nandigram while Buddha-babu is interested in wooing more investors to Bengal. Didi is more interested in jeopardizing all the efforts of Buddha-babu, whatever it might be so that she wins the next Rajya Sabha elections in Bengal. Thus she makes sure she is omnipresent and acts against any government official even if a taxi driver parks his car in a no parking zone and she makes sure she curses the constable who warns the taxi driver for breaking the law.

Petroleum is a major concern as the petrol pumps run dry across the country and scientists are thinking of ways to run cars on LPGs, water and even hydrogen. Hydrogen and LPG would be a fine option.

Without sports no news can be complete in India. It always comes 2nd from last. At last, comes the weather forecast. So in sports, cricket is at rest for some time, when all the cricket stars are busy doing fashion shows and films, and Dhoni is busy visiting his new girlfriend in Kolkata without security. Media is losing its sleep over this incident and follows Dhoni from Airport to Alipore and the whole incident gets telecasted in a leading Kolkata news channel. Oh,what a media it is! It loves to get into the personal lives of people. Saina Nehwal is in news now from sports section and she vows to be in Top 5 in 2009 and why not No 1 is a big question.

Anth mein aaj ki mausam ki jaankari. It’s a sunny day today with local temperatures rising close to 29 degree C during daytime and we need to switch on our fans and ACs even in the month of January, 2009. What a global warming? No signs of rain even if the sky was covered by huge clouds for the last 3 days.

So its time for bidding good bye from Vaijaynta in Some Latest News. Cya soon. Till then. Good bye. Take Care. Namaskar.

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