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Friday, January 16, 2009

Raja and Gaja - Raja Gaja Bindaas Moja - A Tribute

A milestone for Bengali Serial is what the serial Raja and Goja is. They are awsome. They can be compared to Hada & Bhoda, Nontey & Phontey, Gupi & Bagha and so on. They are one of the iconic duos of Bengalis among the many duoes that are imaginery and had been created by great people. 

For people who do not know, Raja & Goja is aired on Zee Bangla at 6.30pm and repeat telecast at 11.00pm on the same day. It is aired 6 days a week  from Monday to Saturday except Sunday. 

Lick kore debo”, “Break-fail kore debo”, “puro Kelo hoye galo”, “Ami beshi kotha bola pochondo korina, “Thik aacheeeeey?”,  bhai”,  Pepe diye chepe” , “Ki bisri bepar…”, “Kabadi Kabadi Khop”, “Babba”, “Maa re”, “Tak phatabo”, “Dhi-uty is Dhi-uty”, “Pit ta ektu chuke debe? are some of the common phrases one would hear at “Raja & Gaja”, the famous comedy serial at Zee Bangla Channel.  Raja & Gaja are first cousins. Gaja when asked to introduce himself says , “Ami Gaja, Gajandra Chowdhury, care of Panchanan Chowdhury, Gachabajar, Murshidabad,  Pati Hoite Sotir Kole”.  Yes, Gaja is the son of Panchanan Chowdhury from Gachabajar, Murshidabad. Raja is Rajendra Chowdhury, the son of the dead brother of Panchanan Chowdhury. Both Raj a& Gaja are very good friends in spite of being first-cousins. In Bengali we call such a duo “Manik-Jor” which means no one is complete without the other. Both of them are partners in every deeds and share equal responsibilities.

Their mother is “Shabitri” or “Shabu” as Panchanan Chowdhury calls her. Raja & Gaja’s most obedient domestic help who always stays with them, wherever they go is “Madan” who always combs his hair with a comb after each word. Their maternal grandfather is “Gobardhan Ganguly” of “Lichubajar”. Gobardhan-babu’s obedient domestic help is “Hampu” who always does jogging to keep fit on his master’s command.

Initially Raja and Gaja escapes from Panchanan Chowdhury to Kolkata as he wanted to get Gaja married off and get huge dowry through money, jewellery and land in return. But Gaja being a follower of “Hunuman-ji” whom he calls “Hunu-da” persuades Raja and both elope to Kolkata.

In Kolkata, Raja and Gaja gets chance to stay at a paying guest accommodation called “Chirakkhan” at Kachipara Road, which is named after the their long dead owner called “Chirakkhan Bhaduri” whose ghost can be only seen by his magician (who believes in science more than magic) son called “Pashupati Bhaduri” and only Gaja who calls him “Chira-dadu”. Pashu-dadu has 3 other sisters but he never meets them. He stays in his room at Chirakkhan busy with his experiments. The 3 sisters are Hashi, Tushi and Khushi. The 3 sisters never miss a chance to fight and quarrel with each other.

The younger sister Khushi ‘s husband is “Nishikanto Halder” whose favourite word is “puro Kelo hoye galo”. The elder sister Hashi’s husband is “Ramakanto Majumder” who has the abit of uttering the word "ko" after every sentence like "hoyni-ko", "jayni-ko". In Chirakkhan, Raja & Gaja share their room with “Subho and Bhombol (also known as Taw-Bhambal, because of his pronunciation of any word with ‘Taw’) . Madan also stays with them. Hashi has a baby boy while Tushi whose favourite word is "Lick kore debo" has a daughter whose favourite word is “Maa-re”. This daughter is married to “Deb Kumar the son of the famous Film Producer “Phool Kumar Lang” but his film, “Pepe diye chepe” never gets shooted as his son “Deb Kumar” on the direction floor always asks his co actors and director, “Pit ta ektu chuke debe?” and “Babba”.

On the other hand the famous villain of Raja & Gaja is “Janardan Jana”, who is the wicked yet funny councilor of Ward No 420 of Kolkata Corporation (Janardan Jana was played by the famous actor Kunal Mitra (44), who died on 21st January, 2009 from a severe heart attack).  His wife’s name in the serial is Sashibala Jana who is the Chairman of a Mahila Samiti who always has fights with Jona Jana. Janardan Jana cannot pronounce the letter “S”. Instead he uses the letter “Ch”. Like if he says “Saare Jahan Se Accha”, he would pronounce it as “Chare Jahan Che Achcha”. It makes him more funny. People hate this character as Janardan Jana is against Raja & Gaja who has always made his wicked plans go unsuccessful. So Janardan Jana has always tried to put Raja and Gaja into danger.

At Gachabajar Police Station the officer in charge was previously Radharani Pyne but later her junior Nathu Katal whose favourite word is “Dhi-uty is Dhi-uty”. Radharani Pyne is a cooking fanatic and keeps cooking queer items at the police station. She keeps a cow at the jail and keeps the prisoners with the cow. She tells each visitor to the police station to come and have her invented dishes.

Kushumpur” is another place where dacoit queen like individual called “Kusumbala Devi” stays with her sister “Lati” and her two daughters “Full Boil” and “Half Boil”. In this village Kushumbala Devi rules and all the males act like females and vice versa. Full Boil is not that good looking while Half Boil is very good looking. So suitable grooms do not like Full Boil as their bride. So Kusumbala Devi and Lati mashi make the grooms see Half Boil and get the grooms to marry Full Boil. If they hesitate, they are buried on the fields of Kushumpur. "Taw-Bhombol", with Shubha and Madan went there to get married to Full Boil but had to suffer the same fate but luckily esacped the place.

There are other characters such as the police officer who always uses the words, “Thik aacheeeeey” after every sentence. He has a unique way of standing with his bums bulged and his body a bit bent towards the front. There is “Bolu Mittir” who claims to be disciple of “Felu Mittir or Feluda”. Bolu Mittir considers Gaja as his “Topshe” and calls him “Gaja Topshey” and Bolu-da claims to be related to each and every historical figure. There is also “Ghanasham Kabaddi” of “Hechkitola Gram” where Ghanasham babu is a Kabaddi fanatic and pronounces “Kabaddi” as “Kapadi” and uses the word “Kabapadi” after each word. His daughter is a mischievous girl and drives away Panchanan Chowdhury who came to fix her marriage with Raja. So Panchanan-babu of Gachabajar agrees to play Kabaddi match against Ghanasham Kabaddi of Hechkitola gram.

There are other funny characters in this serial that are very funny and can make anyone feel light hearted after a long day’s hard work. One thing that I have to say is “Long Live Raja & Gaja” for entertainng us like this and “May Janardan Jana’s soul rest in peace”.

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