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Monday, January 12, 2009

Rising Commodity Prices

Impressed by the new advertisement on television AEGON Religare Pension Plan (see above) starring Irfan Khan, I thought of writing this post in my blog. 

First of all, let me write the prices of commodities that have been shown in the ad. It has been made to appear as if it has been fully shot at Kolkata and Irfan Khan’s impressive way of speaking made the ad really popular among masses.

In the ad, the price of Cooking Gas is Rs 1248/-, the cobbler charges Rs 60/- for a shoe polish, a tablet for headache is Rs 144/-. No it is not a joke. It will happen after twenty years and believe me it is really going to happen. Research has proved that cost of daily commodities have increased 20 times in the last 20 years.

So, the amount has been projected 20 times in 20 years. Deliberately the cost of cooking gas has been kept low because of the plan of massive use of the cooking gas in the next 2 decades.

What else might happen is: -

1) You board a bus the conductor might charge you Rs 80/- for a fare that costs Rs 4/- now.

2) You go to the multiplex cinema hall. They will charge you Rs 4000/- for a ticket that now costs Rs 200/- now.

3) You go to your office by cab which charges say Rs 300/- now will take Rs 6000/- after 20 years.

4) You go to the Amusement Park (Nicco Park); they charge you Rs 100/- for 5 rides now. After 20 years they will charge you Rs 2000/- for the same number of rides.

5) You pay for your son Rs 4000/- his school fees per month now, your son will need to pay for his son Rs 80,000 per month for his school fees.

6) You buy a trouser for Rs 1200/- now, it will cost Rs 24,000/- after 20 years and your Rs 1500/- official shirt will cost Rs 30,000/- then.

7) You go to the disc now and pay Rs 500/- per night dance for you and your partner. Then you will need to pay Rs 10,000/- per night for the same no of people.

8) You pay Rs 3000/- bill for a dinner at the most expensive restaurant at Park Street now for say 4 people. After 20 years, it would amount to Rs 60,000 for 4 people.

9) You pay Rs 2400/- for your electricity bills now. Then you will be paying Rs 48,000/- for your electricity bills.

10) Your post paid monthly bill for your cell phone amounts to Rs 800/- now and that would be amount to Rs 16,000/- then.

After reading this post, one question is bound strike your mind. Will my salary increase 20 times in the next 20 years? No one knows. It is only for time to answer.

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