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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I hate Telephones / Cell Phones / Mobile Phones

Cell Phones are something which I hate to carry but I have to for others who love me. These cell phones keep me engaged for long hours when I could have spent my time doing some fruitful work. But these cell phones make me delay my jobs. 

People find me anywhere and everwhere, whenever they like through the help of these cell phones but I often cannot get people whenever I want them to be either becuse their cell phone is off or becuse they are busy doing some important work. 

Cell phones make my spend hundreds every month on pre paid bills and thus makes me grow poorer with each day. Because of the cell phones anyone can track me who are sitting on these cell phone offices like Vodafone, Airtel or BSNL can screw me up anytime for any made up reasons. 

But lately I have identified a method of making cell phones disturb me less by keeping my cell phone switched off when I am not in the mood of speaking on the cell phone thus making it difficult for people who always got me freely available whenever they liked. Only I switch it ON when I need to contact someone. But most of the time I keep it OFF thus peace had again returned back to my life. Thus I can do what ever I like peacefully without a little object disturbing me by ringing itself when I have concentrated on my work the most. 

So I think I have solved the issue quite wisely and on the process I have been sucessful in warding off people who used to call me for no reason actually. I have also informed the people who actually need me to send me an SMS as I keep checking my messages periodically even if my cell phone is switched off.

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