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Monday, June 09, 2008

Zamadar - i - System & Waterlogging in Kolkata during Monsoon

In this Monsoon, Kolkata would be waterlogged like last 2 years. Each of us will be pointing our fingers to the Mayor and other Government Departments. But actually there are a bunch of people who are actually responsible for this waterlogging in Kolkata.

They are our respected Zamadars or Jamadars or Sweepers as we call them. They do not have any basic idea of cleaning the roads. What they do is take 75% of the garbage from the subbordinate VATs to the main VATS from where they are transported to Dhapa or Sewage Disposal Ground in East Kolkata. But throughout the year, the remaining 25% garbage is put by them inside the various drains (bit by bit) and drainage systems which are actually meant for transportation of dirty water. So these drainage system gets choaked by the blessings of the sweepers and in return the gift we get every year during monsoon is severe waterlogging.

People from the Government who are responsible for guiding the sweepers should be made aware of the reasons of waterlogging and should be asked to make the sweepers aware of the adverse effects of disposing the 25% garbage inside the drains of they city. They should be asked to dispose the whole 100% garbage to the Garbage Disposal Ground.

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