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Friday, June 13, 2008

My Crush on Divya Bharati in Class 5

It was the summer of 1992 when I heard a song called "Koi Na Koi Chahiye, Pyar Karne Wala" and I hated the song like anything. Reason being that it was played in our locality in the loudest of volumes during my Exams at class 5 then. I watched the Chitrahaar to find out what the song actually was and found that the song was picturised on a new hero called Shah Rukh Khan.

I saw that there was a another song called "Aisi Deewangi" from the same film called Deewana in which there was the same newcomer called Shah Rukh Khan but he did not impress me so much. The heroine who danced with the new hero was the one who captured my heart, mind and all senses. She danced in the song in a black tight dress which impressed me a lot and her cute looks encaptivated my heart. Later I came to know in a Bengali Film Magazine called Anondolok that her name was Divya Bharti.

I had started to have a crush on Divya Bharti, whom I started liking anything. I was so much infatuated with her that I planned to collect pictures of her. In those times film magazines was a strict "No No" at our house and by some good chance I came across a fat Anondolok Magazine from the Pujas Edition from somewhere and I found a black and white picture of Divya Bharti. I somehow tore the page and cut the picture and gently placed the picture in one of the least read books in my bookshelf to avoid elders from seeing it or in the fear of getting humiliated and scolded by them.

Everyday I used to have a glimpse of the photo of Divya Bharati and used to admire her beauty. I just loved the way she looked. She was like a Diva to me. She was the Goddess whom I loved to worship. She was undoubtedly my first crush and I liked that. Everyday before going to school I look at the photo and saw whether it was safely kept there or not. Again after coming back from school, I came to my room and checked whether the picture of my Goddess was still there or not. Again at night before going to bed, I saw her face and went to bed. This is what I used to do with her picture.

I never thought of collecting more pictures of hers that is because there was no safe place in my house where I could keep them. So I was contented with that black and white passport sized picture. Once I had thought that the black and white picture looked gloomy so I coloured the picture with my water colour. Though that colouring made the picture look different, still I loved it and kept it within the safest book.

I even wanted to see all her films but that to was like a daunting task for a small boy like me. But somehow I managed to see the 3 films, Deewana, Dil Aashna Hai, Vishwatma out of the long list of 19 films she did in the short stint of 3 years and the 12 films in which she could not act. "Rang " was the film which I wanted to see but I could not see it till date due to several reasons.

Years later, maybe in 2007, while I was going through my old books, I found the picture safely kept in the book where I had kept the picture about 15 years ago and later forgot about it. Yes, Divya Bharti's sudden unexpected untimely death made me panickstriken and sad. But somehow, I tried hard to forget her. Even then she kept wandering around my heart and mind but later that too faded away with time.

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Paramita said...

I was going thru ur article n i found that this actress is very special for u bcoz she touched ur soul at ur childhood.......!

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

# Paramita

She (DV) definitely touched my heart. :)

ecstatic shimmeR said...

Man I had a crush on her when I was in Kindergarten. I used to collect her photographs back then.

She was a sure beauty, subtle, calm and all the elements of indefinite charisma.

Still she lives in our hearts.
She'll always be loved.

revived said...

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