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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chakar Hawa na Batash?

Last day I was travelling in an auto back to home from office when a funny incident occurred. I should narrate the incident in Bengali otherwise the fun-factor will not be clear.

2 middle aged couples arrived to the auto where I was sitting, and the auto driver requested me to come and sit on his right. I did so. The 1st couple and the wife of the 2nd couple were sitting on the back seat and the husband of the 2nd couple was sitting on the auto driver’s left. This is what that had happened after that: -

We were going towards our destination (Lotus Cinema) and on the way: -

Auto driver (to the man to his right): Dada ektu dekhun to, hawa aache kina?
The man (swayed his hand on the air to his left and yelled): Na dada, ja garom poreche, ekdom hawa nei.

I understood what the auto driver meant by that, but I kept quite and enjoyed what was going on there.

Auto driver (silent for about 15 seconds in his mind): Se abar ki? Garom-er saathe chakar hawar ki somporko…?
Auto driver (to the man): Na dada, ami shei hawa-r kotha bolini. Ami aapnake chakar hawa aache kina dekhte bollam.
The man (in shame): Oh ho, ami bhablam aapni onno kichu.

The whole conversation went on so quickly and seriously that to this all four people, the auto driver and me burst out into laughter. I thought that there was Mirakkel at 9.30 pm that night but here in the auto I had a trailer of Mirakkel at 8.30 pm.

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